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    Surfing the ARTS

    Not at all. Me too.
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    First Science fiction book

    When I was a child, in my country weren't too much English sci-fi books or films. I saw, the New Hope, and I searched similar stuffs in library. I found Asimov: Foundation, I, robot, and Herbert's: Dune. Plus Hungarian sci-fi writer's books. Like: Nemere István: The Secret of the DomeCity or...
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    Last SF movie you watched

    Babylon 5 Lost Tales. It was a good storry, but low budget. I like Contact too.
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    Your Favorite Entity?

    Federation, of course. I like miniskirts. :)
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    Would you use a "transporter" if you knew...

    Yes, because i'm lazy.
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    Here comes more Buck Rogers!

    "Chicago. Chicago." :)
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    Surfing the ARTS

    Hungarian illustrators:
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    SciFi Which Way?

    Books. Comics. TV-series. Spaceopera.
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    What should SciFi Channel look like?

    New Babylon 5 series.
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    Aliens vs. Predators vs. Humans

    Ewoks. :)
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