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    Happy 1. Birthday last Heros Journey News

    Swing low..... .....Sweet chariot...
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    Champions Online

    Necrobump in case anyone has been playing it. Had some extra cash and bought it. Disappointing so far. First opening day, nerf every ability by 70% Not a good first impression...
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    Playing the open beta. It's basically LOLWoW + Lineage2 = same bad product all over again.
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    Unofficial Update

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    Happy :(

    I has no Birfday thread. I now has a sad. :(
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    HJ GameMaster Program

    We'll set the coffin next to Duke Nukem: Forever
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    Light the fires & kick the tires

    I seriously believe Simu is not only jerking us around, but also jerking their development staff around. They do have people working on the game, but they haven't told those people yet that they are never actually planning on releasing it. While I do think it's great that the HeroEnginge is...
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    GFX Artwork Of Daax

    Well, you have now. xD
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    GFX Artwork Of Daax

    Supersaiyan stickman. Moar later.
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    Happy 37th Birthday HJ-Navarre

    :O omg happy b-day
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    December 25th, 2008

    Merry effing X-mas, HH. Santa Daax is here to deliver coal so you all can go sh*t a diamond. :D
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    Happy Birthday Cordy

    I brought the meat cake.
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    Smart cars!

    my god... It's even tinier than my Toyota Turcell.
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    Happy Birhtday Llillith

    happy bday!
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    I'm home!!!!!

    Okay, I've been home for a while now and still have yet to recieve my 30 pounds of cake in the mail. >=( What's the holdup guys?
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