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    Season 5 Vaughn - what do we think now?

    I hope he's alive. Back in season 3 I wanted Syd to move on from Vaughn-but he changed my mind with the proposal and his reaction to the baby news. Awwh! His death was just yet another blow to Sydney-and I say- GIVE THE GIRL A BREAK!!! come on! the whole drink thing, 'we'll find each other'...
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    Season 5 The return of......................

    Ugggh! I hate that i knew Lena Olin would be back! Spoilers!!-Well i've learnt my lesson. Still, I didn't know what she would be doing! Oh Man-is she evil now???? Bring on ep 10!!!
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    season 5 when is it on sale in the u.k.?

    Hopefully we'll get it late summer 06. season 4 came out amazingly fast compared to the 10 months or so we had to wait for season 3! Maybe given thats its the final season we'll get it sooner-fingers crossed!
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    Season 4 Quotes

    The 'fur' scene gets better! 'put' 'do' a really good alias for syd glad jj abrams kept his promise to make the aliases with a bit more character-not just syd in a wig! definetly one of my favourite season 4 episodes! :D
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    Season 5 Season 5 Teaser Poster!?

    There's now a better quality one on in the season 5 Picture Gallery.
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    Season 5 Best Season to Date? (1-4)

    has to be season 2! despite season4 being FANTASTIC!! 'Syd..You mother...she's alive!!'- :o WOW :D that was best birthday present i got this year! its just not as good as season 2-why? i dunno! guess Irina was so much fun -from her surrender to CIA to jumping off a skyscraper in Mexico! she...
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    Season 5 Syd's Baby

    Laura if its a girl William if its a boy naming their baby after a parent-you never know!!
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    Season 5 Season 5 Teaser Poster!?

    Ok i saw Entertainment Tonight a few days ago and they showed a teaser poster for season 5 for like 2 seconds!! It had sydney with her holding her hand protectivly on her stomach :lol: anyone know where I an find that on the web/in any magazines??
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    Hello Folks! How are all the fablous Irish Alias fans!! See all of season 4 yet-was brilliant!! a tue return to alias' brilliance+LOST-wow! its even better!-but then it dosn't have jen garner-maybe after alias finishes?
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    Season 4 Premire

    Sarah McLachlan World On Fire Oh that's a beautiful song, super choice for the moment :)
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    Alias Season 4 Music

    Does anyone know what the song was when Syd's walking around her apartment and Vaughn rings the bell, just after Syd and Dixon shkae hands at APO??
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    Season 4 is amazing!!!!!
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    Hiya guys!! Sorry haven't posted lately-been really busy at college :) It's great fun :D But the most amazing thing happened to me-ALIAS SEASON 4 I just bought it on E-Bay :reallyexcited: First four episodes are mine :jawdrop: I'm so excited!! Go to Irish fans, wait no...
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    Counting the days until I can get my hands on season 4-by any means possible!! :D Forget waiting for Bravo. Oh-no. :innocent: The search begins. Wish me luck.
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    Interviews(not clip) on with Mia Maestro give little details away about what syd+gang r doing in season 4! Little, very, just names and the new boss..but didn't want to spoil anything if ya don't want guys! I watched them and thought it was pretty low clearence intel.
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