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    Your first tag?

    ... My first was 11 years ago (ish) and I've had 4 PC's and a Mac since then. I wish I still had it, but unfortunately it was lost long, long ago. :(
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    It depends on the reason you're hacking and what you're hacking.. If you're hacking to destroy something (eg, hacking a website because you don't like the owner and want to f*** up his site) then you really need a better way to spend you time, maybe a girlfriend/boyfriend. Some people hack to...
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    Favorite Season

    Autumn/Fall. By far the most beautiful.
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    Photography Some of my photography

    Makes me fancy taking my camera out soon.. Weather depending. I'll charge my batteries..
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    C & C Throw up.

    As with all graphics, its differing opinions. Personally I think the colour is the perfect touch. I thought you'd done well on the original black and white version, but it needed something more. The colour version now is great.
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    Yes, I do.
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    Eehhh.. I used to. I used to be alright at it, but I've fallen out of the habit, not done it for a long while. So now I suck. :( Better with a mouse.
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    For Sale [B&W]

    I think the left area is empty so you can add your own text to personalise it.
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    C & C Simple Photo Edit - Youth In Revolt

    It's great that you're putting effort in to change pictures and edit them to match what you're after. Personally I'm not a fan, I don't think you've made the image more appealing. But I applaud your effort and if you are happy with the results that's what matters at this stage, so good job.
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    C & C Throw up.

    Looks much much better with some colour in the vomit. Very unique. Good job.
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    GFX Tupac Shakur

    It'd look better if you stuck a border on it. Just 1px around the edges.
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    C & C Simple Photo Edit - Youth In Revolt

    It would appear you've made it more blurry with a harsher light source? In terms of picture quality, the original is much better I'm afraid. :(
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    what would you make if you had the funds

    A website along the lines of DeviantART.. That sort of script, except with more of a Social Networking touch to it.
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    Tutorial Adobe Logo

    Are you referring to these: If you are then.. ..You've not quite got there just yet. I mean for one the tutorial wouldn't be finished, because you'd have to add a black border, but the lighting you've added is too harsh to mimic these logos, and the font is completely wrong. You need to blend...
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    GFX The fundamentals of a good logo

    Aye, if it's not memorable it's not good :)