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    Season 5 React: I See Dead People

    OMG i know....SUCH a great episode!! and i ABSOLUTELY LOVEEDD the "you're a horrible kisser" line!! it reminded me of that episode where Vaughn went rogue to find out info aboout his dad and was working with that blond bitch and she came onto him and he rejected her and was like "consider this...
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    Season 5 React: Maternal Instinct

    I'm sooo glad that Alias is finally back!!! I knew Vaughn would be back thought...just didnt know Vaughn's funeral when they were putting the casket into the car, Sydney and Jack shared a look, and i knew from then!!! And even though Sydney always talked about missing Vaughn it was...
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    Season 5 I think he's gone...

    yea i agree (about the body not being vaughn's)...thas what i thought too...if they had the body, they would have been able to identify if it was vaughn's or even his father's for that they were both CIA agents....i think that the idea that it may be rambaldi's body is really...
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    The Evidence that Vaughn is NOT really dead

    Ok, so this is why i beleive Vaughn is still alive: 1) His name appears in the credits at the beginning as a star...not a GUEST star 2) When Sydney was talking to her father while Vaughn was still in surgery, Jack said "I will do everything I can to protect you both", Sydney did not respond. i...
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    Season 5 How they faked his death!

    very interesting theory, but at the same time, its repetitive
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    Season 5 I think we all know (or really hope) Vaughn is alive

    i looked at the pictures, and they were from last night's episode :( so we dont know for sure that they do film together in the future...but of course we'll still hope!
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    Season 5 I think we all know (or really hope) Vaughn is alive

    yea i totally agree with that...nobody seemed to torn up at the funeral....and sydney cries for everything....if she wasnt crying at her fiance's funeral, especially after she just found out she was pregnant...then i dont think he can be dead....but i gota say, they did an awesome job with the...
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    Season 5 I think we all know (or really hope) Vaughn is alive

    as horrible as it was seeing vaughn's funeral, i think we all know he will be back. for starters, the character in alias who is leaving, is Weiss...i beleive that episode 5.02 will be his last. and also, michael vartan's name is in the credits as a cast member...not something they would do if...