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    Drama Glee

    It's really tactasctic but I really like it, and like the mix of song choices and the moderness.
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    Animation Fairly Odd Parents

    I watched mannnny episodes, my little brother used to watch it when it was his turn with the TV I must admit it did give me a few laughs.
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    e Marketer identified Perez

    I have never looked at his blog and never intend to from what I have seen of him he is a bit of a plonker and does not interest me.
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    Have you been watching Charmed from the beginning?

    I have watched every episode :D I was really into it. I watched the later seasons first and really got into it and watched the repeats of the older ones on TV and bought them too lol.
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    Did anyone watch this?

    I missed them all! I got the gist of the story my sister watched it and set it was really good. Did anyone watch it?
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    What do you think of the show

    It always makes me laugh! I enjoy the story lines and as you said love they way they all tie together.
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    Learn Japanese

    1 to 10 is all I know: 1=Ichi 2=ni 3=san 4=chi (yon) 5=go 6=rocku 7=sitchi (nana) 8=hatchi 9=kyu 10=jyu
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    Sports Wrestling

    Anyone here enjoy watching wrestling? Who is your favourite wrestler? I like Sting and Amazing Red.
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    Do you think Elizabeth Hurley is pretty?

    I agree with the OP stunning and good personality what more do you want?
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    What do you think about Paris Hilton?

    I'm not bothered about her. Her no brain act is just her crying out for more more more attention, people close to her tell here it's good publicity to act dumb, and make TV shows where you can't do anything but giggle, and guess what it seems to be working for her. lol.
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    In Memorium #01

    RIP Meinhardt raabe and all the other stars who are now truly in the sky.
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    What celebrity annoys you the most?

    Miley Cyrus and Taylor are two people that annoy me. Taylor I don't really need to say anything more about, Miley is annoying and Miley fans are often so annoying, sorry!
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    Hottest actress

    Cameron Diaz is the angel for me, she is stunning. She so should have been in the poll!!!!
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    Britney Spears

    It's totally tragic, she had great looks but I agree she tends to look like a stripper most days. =(
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    Another Newb Here!

    I just signed up here at, it looks like a great place and I'm certainly here to stay! I really look forward to meeting you all around the boards. Dobs!