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    xxx lol

    I have a suggestion: to add a forum for sig requests for non ea designers to pickup to improve. Post completed requests in drop off forum so members can comment on work. :detectives:
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    welcome to the forum.hope you find this site helpful.......:s
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    Your most serious accident?

    ya, Im fortunate to be breathing.The doctors gave me 24 hours of life then they told my parents I will not pass 3 days (LOL) then they said I will be a vegtable my whole life. Im really lucky :shade:
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    Your most serious accident?

    I was involved in a car accident 20 yrs ago.Which left me 3mnths in coma.Had a closed head injury, ruptured my liver in 18 places,broke 3 ribs,1 rib punctured my lung & fractured my pelvis.took firefighters 25mins to get me out of the car (the cut roof off).I was 1.5 yrs hospitalized.Had to...
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    Welcome to EA,dont hesitate to showoff more nice work.
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    could no longer support hosting...........rough year
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    Add forum showoff

    We should have a forum called "Showoff" for members to display & brag about current projects.Others can comment &/or rate &/or give tips to improve if needed. The reason I brought up this topic is because I could not find where to display my work b4 adding it in my profile.:wink:
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    Rowe is back

    Hi and welcome back.
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    Stinky :D

    Hi and hope u enjoy ur learning experience with us.
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    What's up guys!

    Welcome to EA, hope u enjoy ur stay.
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    thnx for such a warm welcoming. It makes me feel like I belong.
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    Hello to everyone..........nice sig site. I'm x-owner of which had to shut down 3yrs ago. That site was a great success with over 2000 members in less than 3yrs.