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    GFX GIMP A phoney?

    from my experience i can tell you a little bit XD. gimp and photoshop are extremely similar, but as zero refers to it i guess you could say gimp is a felgercarb version of ps, ps is easier to use and all, but it costs money, i have used both but now i just use gimp. well i dont exactly know what...
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    GFX Duckiez classification XD[Post count violation]

    well here we go, as if i dont already know how bad i am im gonna degrade myself some more lol. From newest to oldest is the order. p.s. Brushes are completely my style XD if you have any links to some really good brushes let me know, although i have downloaded all the cool ones on...
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    hi i am Duckie

    hey fweins nice to see you on a different forum, ima start being active now, i have finnaly realized my graphics are felgercarb, and i havent had any luck with any tuts yet... Try to watch your language Duckie. We try to keep things clean on these forums. ;) [edit:f0no0rcf]For swearing[/edit:f0no0rcf]
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    hi i am Duckie

    thanks you guys! im a little sad because on the mk wii forums nintendo wii came and put my sig down, she gets a kick out of making fun of newb sig makers :cry: its my spongebob sig btw...
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    hi i am Duckie

    hey i am duckie some of you know me from the mariokartwii forums others of you dont but well i am gonan start being very active on these forums and all so yea XD.