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    Sorry for my Absence

    I appreciate your words, thank you. I still have their email somewhere about my application, but yes that is how they referred to my writing. They also told me I was not able to reapply for at least 6 months and as far as I know they filled the writing positions currently. It wasn't my lack of...
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    Sorry for my Absence

    For those who have enjoyed my stories in the RP thread section I thought I would explain why I haven't continued writing there. For those not interested, dont bother replying please, this is for those 1100+ who read my stories. I originally became interested in HJ because of the unique gaming...
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    Magefire: The beginning

    The cool air rushed over them all in the afternoon sky as they continued to struggle to keep their balance atop the gigantic beast as it swam through the air. They were unable to see the ground below them due to the massive size of the creature they were on and if they had tried to move to the...
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    No more wolf mobs dangit!

    good point about the wolves. ...But I was attacked by a robin once..
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    RP Feature Suggestions

    Being able to moderate animations belongs more in a sandbox game like Second Life really. But in the same note, I agree for having good RP features such as a wide variety of emotes and gestures. Things like housing and gathering places such as pubs, gardens and arenas can also be good RP tools...
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    Should there be evil players as well or not?

    I agree with what one of the earlier posters said, a hero can be defined in anyone's eyes, they dont necessarily have to be "good" or "evil" to be a hero.
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    Magefire: The beginning

    Slowly Duraenos stepped forth into the open field, the small trinkets and component pouches on his belt jingling in the eery silence as the three moved forward. Darrt was the first notice that the breeze itself had stopped as if the air was holding its breath in suspense of something impending...
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    Magefire: The beginning

    "From here we need to head east out of town and past the Tyrne river. Tis perhaps a full days journey from here if we don't come across any scouting parties that is." Duraenos said as he began to lead them down an adjacent street from the one they were on previously. The three heroes made their...
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    Public Execution

    The anime, .hack/sign is actually where I got the idea. The Crimson Guard were a group of players who had policing control over players who got out of line. Since there is already the council, then them, or the community as a whole could vote on who gets assigned to the "guard". One could even...
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    Pure Bred Hero

    Example; Fighter, Wizard, and Cleric are main classes. Let's say I choose Wizard as my main class. Later on, when I reach lvl 20, (as in EQ2) I can specialize and become a Warlock, which becomes my subclass but I am still referred to obviously as a Wizard but my new true class is Warlock. No...
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    New Dev Blog

    I love the information, great read albeit short blogs, lol.
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    Weather, and Its Affects

    Im all for weather effects in-game and especially for the weather effects affecting attacks and/or actions in the game. Simply put, adds more realism and immersiveness to the game. Yes, I love the word immersive, it's the key factor for me when I decide if a game truly is fun for me.
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    Junior Member

    Im not able to post during the week, but I post every weekend on a regular basis, lol. The RP thread I started, reflects that I think. Reason I mention that is I myself have often wondered how exactly it was determined on who gets what rank in posting. *Ponders his own words as he goes back to...
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    What is the =maximum= that you'd be willing to pay for a game?

    That's kind of a loaded question really. IF the game holds true to the path it seems to be heading with all that is planned for it as far as housing, the classes, wyr, directional aoe spells, quests, graphics, etc., then I would be willing to pay the usual 50.00 USD for the game, and 20.00...
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    A mix of both long and short quests would obviously be a good thing since not everyone has the time they wish they had in order to do alot of quests. For myself personally, I prefer the longer quests that really bring a sense of immersiveness to the quest at hand. A really good one would be one...