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    C & C 2 Latest

    Nice but text could use a little work
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    Omfgz hes back !!!! =]

    welcome back. I hope you enjoy it here
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    Request Andypar Signature Request

    Nice Work Da big e :)
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    C & C bw

    Nice Job Stinky! Good Work
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    PS3 or Xbox ?

    Alright Alright, this is getting out of hand so im gonna go ahead and close this.
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    C & C Abstract

    Text and border can go
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    C & C My shiny red ball

    Looks good, get rid of the lens flare though
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    GFX SOTW #10 Voting!

    Congratulations to Alucard for winning This weeks SOTW! Please congratulate him when you see him around.
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    C & C Latest Stuff

    I like the button. The sigs are good, you really are improving
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    C & C New siggy :)

    border should go, so should the text and also it has hardly any depth here. Not feeling this one
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    C & C i need an outsiders opinion

    Nice for your first sigs but to get better read alot of tuts.
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    Resources 31 PSDs

    Nice Share! Nice PSD's
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    Welcome to the site! Enjoy your stay
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    C & C My 1st Sig.

    Good for First, read tuts and get rid of text+Boxs