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    oo chocolate
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    Forgivness is Never Love Lasts Forever

    Chapter 3 The hospital was a dark gloomy place where no one was aware of happiness. Where people come and sit on the side of their loved ones and prayed for them to get better. No one liked the hospital, no one except Sark. He enjoyed the people getting tourchered by the pain of loved ones...
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    Alias Wallpapers

    Really good wallpapers u guys!!!!!! ^-^
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    Forgivness is Never Love Lasts Forever

    Chapter 2: "Sydney? Sydney..SYDNEY" Someone was yelling in her ear "Sydney are you alright?" It was Vaughn "Vaughn?? Vaughn..?" She said right back "Sydney are you alright?You got knocked out..Can you hear me?" He said "Vaughn what happened? Where am I? Where's Lauren?" She said "Who's Lauren?"...
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    Forgivness is Never Love Lasts Forever

    I thought I'd write a fic about syd and vaughn. It takes place not too long ago just about the beginning of the season. I hope you like it! Chapter 1 I would have waited The words repeated in Sydneys head. It had been the last thing she told Vaughn before he had been stabbed in the chest by...
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    Random #197

    Hey everyone I just thought I wouldsay hi because I haven't been on in a while sooo Hi :hi:
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    Off to hospital!

    Bye bye.....I hope you feel better soon and don't miss Alias!! :wub: Luv ya hun
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    Politics Divorce

    This is for peopel to deal with parents goign threw divorce....getting divorced or anything else yuo wanna talk about it
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    Random 196

    Thank You soooooo much :reallyexcited: :reallyexcited: :reallyexcited: ^_^ ^_^
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    Happy Valentines Day!

    ugh...Ok I love u: Bran,Jems,Chanel,Kiki,Timmy,Jaimie,Asha,Anna, My daughters,and a lot of others :wub:
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    Random 196

    Yea....My crush ased me to be his valentine but I sitll really hate valentines day....
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    Orlando Bloom

    Hes sooo hottttttttt
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    Vent/Rave/Cry/Whatever 4

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    Ever had bad luck that never seemed to go away?

    Whoa thats bad luck.....My acual school year has been good but other then that nothing specail...some A+ there so A other there and some A- overre theer