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    General Book Talk

    On the one hand, Harry Potter is very popular here, in Russia. On the other I know at least 3 different parodies and 1 of them is much better than the original. It is written for elder people
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    Most important in your choice for picking books?

    Shall I rate my friends' advice as reviews? Author + the opinion of a person whose tastes I know is important fo me. And cover + art don't mean anything for me cause I read most books on palm pc, not hard copies.
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    Books on Cell Phones?

    You speak here about listening to books on the phone and I read people discussing READING books on the phone like we read them on palm pc. I think it terribly uncomfortable but some of them really do it. Brrrr!
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    You're welcome! :)))) You see I'mvery interested in the topic, cause we came across the same problem at my native forum "Kubikus' Archive" (, where I used to be a moderator. But there were more people then.. and now I observe one more sci-fi Russian forum trying to develop in...
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    Lost Treasures from around the World

    I'd never thought that different parts of xerox (especially cartridges) are so popular in loosing!
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    On general, you're right, what means is the quality of the text.
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    Mr. DDestructo, hmmm... yes it was the the problem. That was why I turned to the Internet and looked for sci-fi forums. I was fortunate to find one and it appeared that a number of people visiting it live in my city. Since then we meet once or twice a month and change our books ))
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    Maybe I'm wrong, I've spent too little time here to give advice... but I guess the structure itself is a bit difficult for new-comers? I've seen so many threads dedicated to a some small item which is not very well known to everyone? Have you got any general topic interesting to everybody? - I'm...
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    McMaster Bujold Talks Nebulas

    I read her Chalion, but I must say that the Forcosigan series impressed me more, so I'd agree with the author ;)
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    The Grand List Of Overused Science Fiction Clichés

    very interesting this list isn't it? I also came across - 100 Things I would Do if I Were a Black Evil Sovereign & - Small Typical Set for Those Who Want to Create a Fantasy Story They are humorous ones as you may guess... oh, there's also "How to Survive in Horror Movies" with phrases like...
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    Welcome to Cool SciFi -- February 26, 2005

    Thank you very much! :) What a nice tradition - so that novices don't feel lost in a vast field of topics. Ж) The structure of your forum is a different from those I like to visit, so I'll try to do my best to know it better soon.
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    Terry Pratchet

    It's quite popular in Russia. You can imagine how it is terribly difficult for translation! I can't say, I'm a fan, just read some. Didn't like the series about witches and my favourite are "Mort" and "Watch! Watch!"... What do you think about "Strata"?
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    and 8 of top-10 are fantasy, not sci-fi. Would you say anything to the fact? By the way, who is Pierce, Tamora?Never heard such a name.
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    Whats the worst book you ever read!?

    I used to read every book I had started to the very end, but now that I undestood that I just loose time instead of reading something that really could fit me I gave up. If I find the book bad I usually try to read it for about 50-100 pages... I can't remember any at the moment, most of them...
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    Well, yes, books usually tend to capture all free space around you. That's why i prefer to take them from my friends' bookcases :) though now i think i'm close to solve the problem: i get all the books i don't need anymore to one of my friends's office. :) Sorry if my English or spelling is...