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    Hey guys

    Hey everyone :) some of you will remember me from flex Now before you say anything yes i have been very inactive lately but i have had some bad **** happen but now i have sorted out stuff and i am back once again :D hope you all didnt miss me to much x
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    Tutorial [FD.TUTS] Collateral

    wow brillient!
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    Whilst im away....

    a cow? poor dookie, his gona have a heart attack when he comes back and see's the mess you people have done, and will be well pleased with me from not doing anything naughty ^__^
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    Tutorial [PS: TUT] "PMI's Advanced Tutorials"

    Very good man! Thanks for these i will def be reading these :D
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    Whilst im away....

    lets tye-die the new cat so it looks funky and call him george :D
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    Whilst im away....

    oups stood on the cat :/ solly