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    ok first, i am her beta-er and if you don't like the way she write stuff than please don't read it. i don't mean to insult you, i know u meant it as constructive critisism, but it doesn't sound that way. second, i have asked her about capitalizing and the way she spells certain words and she...
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    LiveJournal Thread #3

    kelly i LOVE them!!! question: what font did u use for dude and mind? i've been looking for it everywhere but i cant find them ps i really like ur journal emily (and all the contents :lol:)
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    Alias Wallpapers

    here's mine...1st in like freakin ages
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    Season 5 Rate: "Mockingbird"

    i think this was the best epi so far...though i think spy daddy need more air time. when the car was about to drop, that would have been a great to end it, like a good cliffhanger a la the first 3 seasons. oh well, i still hope for every episode that it has a cliffhanger and when it does i WILL...
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    omg a 100 doll challenge....what's the link?
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    Season 5 Rate: "Prophet Five"

    ok so i am severly conflicted with the episode. on the one hand its alias and for that reason i love it, but on the was just not a good episode. i felt that it went by really fast, did anyone else get that feeling? and i figured that they might kill of vaughn, but not in the first...
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    LiveJournal Thread #3

    OMG liyan i heart those!!!!!
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    LiveJournal Thread #3

    hehe okies just found this lj (im sure someone else has seen this) that does star wars comics (hilar by the way) and so i decided to make an icon out of one of them. no credit of the pic goes to me but to the iharthdarth over @ lj.
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    2005 Primetime Emmys

    she DID look gorgy...perfect outfit for her! i am sooo disappointed that she didn't win. she has been so deserving to win everytime but nope, nothing. its almost like the ppl who vote don't watch the show and see what a stunning preformance she does every episode. oy, but @ least she looked hot!!!!
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    ya its def mostly my fault-i did beta it but then my pc crashed and ya....soon soon promise!
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    Watching On the Internet?

    hey ya'll since the OC and Alias are on at the same times and I dont have a vcr in my dorm, i am in a predicament. Of course i am goin to watch alias but i really want to watch the oc too. so my question is, does anyone know of a website or somewhere i can go to to watch the episodes of the 3rd...
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    The other Alias

    that was surprisingly awsome! i liked the new story line and the fact that u used actual music from the show.
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    wow, ur getting real good :lol: awsome props for you
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    LiveJournal Thread 2

    i would just like to thanks jaimie for getting me hooked on potterpuffs *gives evil-but good-stare* :lol:
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    Superheroes Batman: The Dark Knight

    this is awsome news Les thanks for postin. i think that crispin glover would make an awsome joker, b/c he is tres creepy. and keeping idea EVER. YAY
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