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    Tutorial Chilled Glow Tutorial

    damn awesome? That must be like a semi-pro tag? im not good at rating but i think it's that at the least.
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    Tutorial feel the experience tutorial

    only thing is, you ****ed up the reflection... and the C4D you used doens't look too good, but it's ok for the rest =D finally someone posting their results, meaning actually trying my tutorials =D
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    C & C First tag in a whilee..

    i don't really like it that much, it seems empty
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    Request BlooDeX pickup

    enjoy =D
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    Request Sig Request Banner *Finished*

    i will take this
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    Request OD do your magik *Overdrive*

    Each topic must have the following terms in it. Size (No bigger than 400x300):the size you prefer, it's all free Text:all your idea, maybe chased away or something? Sub-Text:your idea Game/Render requested (post links)...
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    Request DocToRsAdVoCaTe pickup+

    enjoy =D hope it's what you want
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    Request Banner *Completed*

    i'll take it
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    Tutorial basic userbar tutorial

    thanks dude, appreciate it =D
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    Request simplistic pickup

    hope you like it code:
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    GFX Another not good one v.v

    try blending the render in more on the left side, right side of render is blended well.
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    Request Simplistic needs a sig *Completed*

    i'll take it, that is, if he doesn't really want quickshot to do it.
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    GFX mechanic

    we just use photoshop, altough some people use gimp
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    GFX mechanic

    it's ok i guess...
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    Resources Gift for the guy I think scags I forget thoe you know who IM talking about thoe =)

    JOSH, you can tell anyone they have alot to work on, i need to work on alot, if you say such a thing atleast say what, and/or how they can improve it.
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