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    A Life Like That

    i just got all caught up with this story... its good.. and now who we know who the "she" is intresting.. but what is Jennifers connection to sark?? that is the burning question
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    Bittersweet Memories

    mmm this keeps getting better and better.. and now what the heck is Irina up to..
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    Remember When

    hope the first couple of days are going good at school.. cant wait till you get a chance to update
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    Not The Same

    just got caught up.. this is getting better.. and now they are getting soo close.. does the kiss come at the dance... please say yes...
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    Remember When

    just got caught up..thanks.. but come on vaughn u know u want her.. make your move
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    Caught in the Middle

    just got caught up.. this is getting really good,..thanks for pms!!
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    The Lake

    so i just got caught up.. wow.. well maybe this year fate will happen.. thanks for all the pms!!
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    somewhere i belong

    those would be evil spoilers.. now i want an update!!! thanks though
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    Mickey (Mouse)

    cute chapter.. lol i love it.. this is one cute story.. now did vaughn stop himself because the thought that weiss was talking about him and syd???? and the new characters let me guess nadia and sark??? thanks for the pm
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    Friends sometimes become so much more

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    Having Faith

    aww.. definely cute one parter.. loved it.. thanks for the pm
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    somewhere i belong

    please add me to pm list.. this is good..
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    Not The Same

    ok some one needs to shut lauren up before i do.. where the heck does she get off.. just cause she didnt get vaughn.. hmmm.. well this shall bring a new twist to the story.. thanks for the pm.. cant wait to see how the "formal" date goes!!
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    Greyhound Bound for Nowhere

    awww.. thanks for the pm.. and the linked worked.. this is getting too good.. mmm so somehow i dont think they will just "sleep" i think a little more will happen.. since syd is a smitten kitten!!! that was nice of rachel to be "out for the night"
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    The Lake

    aww.. syd and sark.. hehe now maybe vaughn will be jelious... hmmmm this could get good!!