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    whats common

    easy, we do think alike kevin- i wanted 2 do that one once- they r all from kill bill.right? im sorry guys for not being her a lot, in very bz working!
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    wow! beautifully written! I love how he cares about her and that we get 2 see whats really going on in his mind! he is so sweet! i cant wait 4 more
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    BV- Bill vaughn... I was actully sure it was jack! stupid me! I was shocked!!! yea it truely came out of no where! but u r right it cant allwasy b fluffy! so she is still working for the covenent? Im really waiting 4 the next cahppy! thanx 4 this pm!
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    Restoring A Family

    it was such a cute chapter! I loved drunk weiss! :lol: and the image of jack w/ a "kiss the cook" apron! I wonder how things will b between anna and sydney! thanx 4 the pm!
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    Out of Control

    what r u talking about? that was a really good chapter! is he going 2 perpose? :ponder: Cai, u write soooo good!
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    wow! that was so sad and yet so beautiful! Im sorry for all the ppl who havent have the chance to read this beatiful, amazing fic! I love that u made their love even more powerful then the regular on screen s/v! I loved that he kissed lauren bcuz he thought it was syd. Its so beautiful and you...
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    I love this! could i plez get a pm! Im sorry i dont have time 2 write a full review, but its really really good!
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    whats common

    Vaughn? she calls vaughn, vaughn knocks ob door, vaughn's hand?
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    Out of Control

    I love love love how u write!! is wonderful! this was a beautiful chapter! oh and I really love the way u allwasy finish w/ a conclusion(sp?) setence! its really good! thanx 4 the pm sweetie!
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    Foolish Ways

    I love how they r just friends, just friends having fun! and they met joey's brother- thats so cool!
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    why its not good? its very good! I love ur story! there is so much beautifulness (is that even a word? :ponder: ) to it! I really love it! its so different and original! thanx 4 the pm!
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    Sept 11 stories

    I was preparing for a girl that is a year older then me- memiriol day. she was killed in a pizza place a month earlier by terrorist. (bomb) I seriously thought it was the end of the world.
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    Save Me

    wow! I love ur new av and siggy and yea, of cours I would love love a pm! she was hurt by a guy right?and now she doesnt want anything 2 do w/ them! well michael is different and soon hopfully she will relize that! thanx 4 the first pm!
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    Miracles Happen

    first? lol, im getting tired wow, I love that michael matches 2 b her donator. its like they r destined! actully, now days this bone marrow transplant is not so hard 2 do. its a pertty simple surgere to the person who is giving the bone marrow. Ive studied this. I :ponder: how come its not sad...
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    You know someone's a spy when...

    ^nah, thats just any little brother... my brother does that all the time and he is defently not a spy!