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    Frosty de ef two

    Don't die Jaraeth, we need you here at Hero's Hall!
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    Frosty de ef two

    Wow I don't now where to start with the replies, but I would like to say a thank you for the welcome back! Jaraeth - Glad you are still working hard on the site, and making the necessary changes to improve Hero's Hall every day. I really do appreciate it. Also; I plan on making a three...
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    Frosty de ef two

    Hello Hero's Hall! Firstly I would like to apologize to the staff of Hero's Hall for abandoning them for such a long period of time, and will do my best to make it up to them. Now that we are beyond my apology I would like to say hello to the community. I do not know who is active anymore...
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    Ron Paul's comments on Rudy. It amazes me how this man actually makes me want to vote for him.
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    Congratulations to Naeya!

    Let's do this Naeya!
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    SUPPORT THREAD:: Have a problem?

    A lot of websites including Hero's Hall have support features to help the users out. However, I want to make sure that everyone is getting the attention that they need when a problem occures. Whether this be with another member of the forum, coding errors, confirmation e-mails, or anything...
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    It enables 'hackers' to disable the DRM on HD-DVD movies. It's the hex code for the HD-DVD.
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    Basically there was a surge of protest at after the digits were removed from a post, and the user was banned for posting them. The place went in an uproar for roughly 12 hours in protest where every page was with the serial numbers.
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    Post a picture of you.

    I was drunked up in the above picture.
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    Post a picture of you.

    HJ-Diviana for HH mascott possibly?
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    Who owns a PS3?

    Oblivion is great! Trust me, the PS3 is worth it just for that...
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    What We Call The News

    Hilarious, yet somehow hits the nail hard. Excellent video.
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    Semester is over in a month.

    Never hitting 80 hours anymore, but it's a solid 35 hours a week. At least it's settled down though! I need to focus more on school, and less on work too. Maybe even more on HH, less on school =] haha!
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    Happy Birthday Chaotic!

    Wait, I thought his birthday was tommmorow... [Oh, poo!]! He's one of my best friends!
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