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    Hello :)

    Hello :)
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    Volunteers wanted!

    I have sent you a Private Message explaining on how you may contact me. If you have any questions about my experience with forums, or any other question, don't hesitate to ask! :) Good luck in your search, -Fyre
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    What genre do you write?

    Erm, excuse me Darth Vader? The whole point of this thread was to ask the genre, not to apply for free manuscripts of my book. However, if we do meet of friendly terms, I'm sure I could arrange something. Do you like to write DV? Or are you the reading type? :)
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    Hello all

    If you didn't notice Darth Vader, this thread was created some 4 months ago. If you plan to become moderator; I wouldn't welcome new members who are not new anymore :)
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    What genre do you write?

    My latest work 'Silvery Whispers' has been accepted and is due to be released next month. What genre of writing do you tend to stick to? I tend to write fantasy/fiction with a twist of Sci-Fi. Does anyone like to write the kind of genre they read?
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    Darth Vader is here

    Glad you are wanting to help too DV :) I'm wondering whether I should PM Kevin with my application now, or wait until I have more posts :-)
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    The Cliche Introduction

    Thank-you Darth Vader :)
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    Please Tell Me Some Amazing Fantasy Movies

    Pan's Labyrinth Edward Scissorhands Those are strong recommendations :)
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    Darth Vader is here

    Hey Darth Vader! I'm Fyre, new member & hopeful moderator of Science Fiction Forums! You posted your Introduction before me while I registered before you, weird eh? If you have any questions; just tell me :) -Fyre-
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    The Cliche Introduction

    Hello! :) I'm Fyre, new member to the Science Fiction Forums and hopeful long-time moderator :wink: I love writing fantasy and whenever I can, I tend to twist some Science Fiction into it. I have published a novel which is due to be released next month entitled 'Silvery Whispers'. If anybody...
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