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    BBC & BBC America Shows

    So far I love it.....but it still does make me sad that Capt. Jack is going away.
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    BBC & BBC America Shows

    Is no one else watching Torchwood: Children of the Earth?????????????????? :ohmy:
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    LMAO.........I have no idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!! N
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    Nancy Drew Games

    Anybody else totally addicted to these great games? I love them. The interaction the graphics...everything. Great for a computer game!
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    "Lost" - Series Finale 2010

    Wooooooooooooooooot!!! However the show ends, it will be a great ending. Come on's LOST It will be a great ending.
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    Juliet vs. Kate

    I like sawyer with me so I'm okay with Kate and Juliet!
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    There Will Be Blood

    It was such a dark and twisted movie. I agree with you SC..................Daniel Day Lewis is a great actor
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    Season 6

    Wooooooooooooooooot!! Gordon is back baby!!
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    Gene Simmons's Family Jewels

    He so does....and he worships his kids. I really think it's a great show.
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    Sims 3

    I have Sims 3...I like it...but I am still trying to find the $$$ cheat. i don't think rosebud works on the Sims 3
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    Welcome Ooka!!!
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