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    Sword of the New World

    I think the 8.1 rating on is way over-rated aswell. In my opinion, all the people who have rated it that high are short term players because I think this is one of those games which is like WOAH! for the first 20 levels but then it starts getting repetitive. The group system...
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    Possible class combo names

    Yaay Mad Scientist sounds cool, but yeah I didn't get how a Fighter/Wizard became a Samurai either :S
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    Thanks all :)
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    That I am hehe, someone beat me to the name Gazz :(
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    Sword of the New World

    I was gonna give it a try the other day until I found out it was an Asian game. I got this image in my head of bad translations, grind fests and boring interfaces.
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    GFX Art of Pinnelipe

    I like it Pinnelipe, but yeah it is quite hard to make out the letters.
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    Lol Jaraeth. I don't go out of my way to kill cute fairies on games. I just kill everything, thats my kind nature :) GENERALLY, kids are more of the get-on-nerve type on games though.
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    Medieval 2 : Total War

    I am a proud owner of this game. The graphics are actually enthralling. If you like games such as Age of Empires then you'll DEFINITELY like this.
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    Hello :)

    Welcome fellow newcomer. Hope you like it here as much as I'm enjoying it now :)
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    Haiya Hero's Hall <---- Hehe classic aliteration. I'm Gazz, from the UK. I have played quite a few MMORPGs such as Vanguard, Runescape and Guild Wars and I spotted this game on's game list and in my opinion, it has good potential. I'm hoping to meet a few of you on these...
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    How Rude!

    Poor woman, ignored by the eyes of society haha.