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    Duh Addison and Alex
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    Semi-new fan

    I watched Grey's on & off, but I never really got hooked till recently. I am watching the DVDS and I am on the Christmas episode in season two. I am just want to feel welcome here, and maybe read around and some help from fellow fans. Thanks a lot Please reply on here or you can PM me! ~Amy
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    March 15

    Oh my goddd DIEEE lol I love Grey's Anatomy. got me off of alias =] but I am watching season one and two on dvd...
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    Lost Memories

    Thank you, you guys! I need more people to read it though!
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    Lost Memories

    Lost Memories By: gray wheeler (Amy) Ships: Nadia & Weiss, but Sydney & Vaughn are included, & Irina & Jack Bristow; you know what I am talking about. The whole enchilada. (Hehe Ms. Hatridge I used a cliché) POV: Mostly in Nadia’s mind. Rating: PG-13 Disclaimer: I do not own ALIAS or anyone...
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    The Strongest Formation

    Aww that was cute... Isabelle is adorable
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    Last One Standing

    That was so sad! Write more! ~Aimzors
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    You Found Me

    Aww that was cute. PM me for anything else!
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    Who Can You Trust

    Haha thanks you guys but that was made in 2005... I was so young then Oh my god! In about a week I am going to post the first four chapters of Lost Memories, and that one is so much better then this one. I wish other people would read my stuff though...
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    Who Can You Trust

    Who Can You Trust? By: Talia (Amy) Rating: PG-13 Ship: Sydney, Vaughn, Nadia, and Eric. Disclaimer: I would like to own them but I don’t. Summary: Sydney and Vaughn decide to go elope and the unexpected comes I, Sydney Bristow am in love with Michael Vaughn, but he is in love with someone else...
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    Surviving Without You

    wow I cried again. jesus It was an amazing sequel..
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    We Will Be Remembered

    Okay. Wow. Great. Was I the only who cried. I was in my video class and cried. How embaressing! :hide:
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    Kodak Moment

    Aww so adorable I love it
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    OMG I love this story! It keeps me on the edge of my seat. You are a good writer. I love your work. PM me with the next update. Also do you do co-writes? =]
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    Hey what's up? I am new my name is Amy... how are ya'll?
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