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    Space Watching History Unfold

    Why are we retiring the shuttles. With all of our technology can't they be refitted for further missions? Also, in time, could the space station be reconfigured with strap on engines and a frame to alter the center of gravity so that it could be used for missions into deep space such as the...
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    Hello Kevin: Captain Jason Redbeard here, just returned from a long voyage. Hope all is well.

    Hello Kevin: Captain Jason Redbeard here, just returned from a long voyage. Hope all is well.
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    Carl Sagan has some of the answers.

    Carl Sagan has some of the answers.
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    What Book Would You Like to See as a Movie

    Actually I'd like to see a remake of Well's "Things to Come." It was done right in the1930's, a fine movie starring an exceptional actor Raymond Massey. The SFX were fine for the time, but today ... . In some ways the movie resembles "Terminator" or rather, Terminator resembles "Things to...
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    The Living Universe Foundation

    Good idea. So who is this Texan with a trailer and how does one get in touch with him/her? Is the society interested in others at this time either for ideas or support?
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    Five Questions You Would Ask An Alien Visitor

    When I asked 9 year old Liam about the "alien" questions he responded with his answers (above) Then he came to me and asked if he would write a story. He doesn't write very well so he dictated and I transcribed the story as seen below. I DIDN’T KNOW DOOM WAS A COUNTRY - by Liam There is...
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    Five Questions You Would Ask An Alien Visitor

    Answers from Liam (9 years old from Mountain Laurel Sudbury School) 1. You're not actually invading us, are you? 2. How far ahead of us are you in technology? 3. What can you do to us? 4. Have you gone through global warming? 5. Where are you from?
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    Five Questions You Would Ask An Alien Visitor

    I liked question 5. In fact I liked them all, but size is an interesting concept. What if they are even smaller, let's say the size of microbes. One might say that something that size would not be able to think but that means thinking in the "normal" sense of the word. I've often (maybe...
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    Upcoming Sci-fi Movies Now In Development

    Is the "Enders Game" movie a dead issue?
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    Describe an Alien Landscape

    I've been at several alien landscapes. One has the name Walmart.
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    Describe an Intelligent Alien

    Our radio telescopes have scanned the skies looking for anything that indicates another intelligence, so far there's been nothing. Is it possible that there are no aliens? Is it conceivable that the Earth and its inhabitants were a "once in a lifetime" happening? Hmmm! Are we truly alone and...
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    Your Take on E.L.E. Movies...

    Don't forget Planet of the Apes, wherein during the last movie our hero pushes the doomsday button. I feel that the E.L.E. movies, rather than being fiction are merely projections of possible futures, any of which could come true. We know statistically that some day a rather large asteroid...
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    The CoolSciFi Creative Poll

    From about seven on to seventy two I've been creating surrealistic or fantasy and science fiction artifacts. Some are stories, some are sculptures or dioramas, etc. I have a YA novel (250 pages) that I have to go back and edit some time, and a number of stories at my homepage on the Internet...
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    Volunteer(Idea for Short).

    Sounds like a good idea. If you are in the Connecticut area I'd be available.
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    Scary Monsters

    About a year ago I put some fantasy sculptures in a store window and was called to take them out when a little girl was scared of one of the figures, a clown. It puzzled me a bit, but it seems that kids, some of them anyway, are scared of clowns. So the clown picture certainly touched base with...
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