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    Meant to Live

    I know Your Probally Won't caz it's been like 1 yeare but can you update....... plz and send PM if and when you do plzzzz... Berry
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    Av Thread

    ^^^^^^^^ Thanks so much it's really really good ihave to learn how to do that .... and who is thia..... Berry
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    Wings To Fly

    and i liked coop.... every guy acts annoyingly stupid when they are drunk.. Berry
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    Av Thread

    Hey Allllllll!!!!!!!!!!! I was Wondering if anyone would be really really nice to make me an Av caz every time i try it comes up blury and i really stick with anything to do with computer.... so i'm not that fussy buta av with a pic of syd - saying "don't mess with me" Plzz!!!!!! Berry
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    What Episode?

    Hey... Come someone help me out here i'm really stumped and this is proballty the wrong place to put this but i'm going to ask anyway does any one know what episode this pic.... [attachment=18153:attachment] This is from caz i have look every where and i can't find it.. Berry
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    Sig Thread

    ^^^^^ I would but i have no idea how...... thats why i got a friend to do mine..... i could ask her for you but she is only good at one type.... Soz Chars still luv ya..... Berry
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    Sig Thread

    ^^^^^i know what you meen Any way this is my first Post and i've been directed here by friends so ask ever so nicely for a could some Plzzzzzzzz make me one i don't really mind what on it but i would really like it to be season 4 caz down in OZ we don't have season 4. Berry
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