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    Season 5 Whats vaughn's secret?

    I have been trying to figure out how JJ and the group are going to pull this whole " My name isn't Michael Vaughn..." Here is my new-found theory: I think Vaughn was employed by Irina to keep an eye on Sydney. ---I don't know if Jack was involved because it is hard for me to figure out when...
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    Congratulations Jen!

    Congratulations and best of wishes to you both! It is my prayer that you (Jen) can adjust well to motherhood- it is a scary thing. I know that you must have lots of ambitions in life, but this new role you will find yourself in is really the most important job you will ever have. As one young...
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    Season 5 season five news

    THANK GOD Vaughn is back because, really! He is such a GOOD GUY! I just can't get my mind around this whole "My name isn't Michael Vaughn" felgercarb. Who is he? Where is he from? What did he do before? And for all of us who are DESPERATELY ROMANTIC- if it was no coincidence that he was there when...
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    Alias season 4

    I don't know... Season 3 ended rather dark, and Season 4 kind of picked up on that note. (Of course, this on the presumption that I am basing my analysis on S/V's relationship) I recently watched Season 3 again... in one weekend- what a way to waste time! ;) In looking back over Season 4, I...