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    Shoe Line?

    I was recently talking to a fellow JG fan and she mentioned that JG has a shoe line now...Has anyone heard anything???
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    Season 5 React: All the Time In The World

    First of all the title is PRICEless! I feel sick and happy and depressed all at the same time... I cried when Jack got shot... Awww he reminds me of my dad without the whole double life spy thing... Yay Isabelle for being a freakin' genius just like her mom! I would have liked to see Marshall on...
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    Season 5 Sydney & Jack

    I knew that I saw some sort of nod or something but everyone said that it didn't happen!!! I can't believe that they knew tho! But I can still see how she can be upset to be alone during the pregnancy...I wonder if the birth was the event that they had to wait for to bring him back...but then...
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    Joey's Pizza

    Is this story still going? PM if it is I love it! I hope that it is V's baby and not Ben...yuck the burp was...priceless. ANOTHER reason why she shouldn't be with him!
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    Season 5 Did anyone notice?

    Hey if you go and watch the prevew on it shows the scene where rachel tells about her hookup with sark, but a lot of the footage wasn't it this episode...or was it just me? do you think that this will be in deleted scenes? or would it just be in the episode as extended...
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    Season 5 React: Out of the Box

    brain transplant???
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    Season 5 To kill a mockingbird

    1.I think that Rachel must have some importance that is bigger than dean's pathetic existence...I think that perhaps he says that he is going to kill her so that no one will expect her importance...I do hope that it is something technical and not the prophecy tho bc if she is connected to...
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    Season 5 Rate: "Mockingbird"

    i thought that tonight's episode was awesome. I like the flashback with Rachel in the trunk and seriously she sucks at this whole spy thing, there was a reason that she was working at a desk! I just hope that her inexperience doesn't get syd killed. And i totally don't think that she is like syd...
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    Season 5 Which hand did Syd cut off of Lazarey?

    Two evil monks Pic from Full Disclosure I found it! From the picture above it looks like it is definately his left hand which means that it could be him in the box! THanks for the info on St. Aidan I had no idea....Why would they'd bring him save nadia? What do you guys think...
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    Season 5 Which hand did Syd cut off of Lazarey?

    I was looking at some of the screen shots at alias media and the hair on the man in the box definately looked grey to me. The only person that I could think of was Lazarey but I can't remember if it was his right or left hand...anyone? If it's not him what other grey-haired men do we know...? :D
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    Season 5 Rate: "...1..."

    i said good bc i definately enjoy it and we needed a lot of that backgroud/info on the new characters
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    Vartan to guest star in Kitchen Confidential

    yea i don't think that he was in tonights show but i m sooo excited!
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    Season 5 Where is Nadia?

    They said during the premiere that she was still in the induced coma so I am thinking that as soon as sloane manages to get himself out of his cell her is going to go and find an anectdote...pry asking syd for help but she will be looking for clues as to why V died...perhaps her not helping...
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    Season 5 Syd at her weakest?

    yea perhaps weak wasn't the right word, but I think that that is the most scared I have seen her in a long time
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    Season 5 Subtle Nod?

    I am so glad that other people saw this! Yea and syd seems to get upset about other things easily...when her dad ditched her for dinner...
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