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    Request Taiinted *COMPLETE*

    damn thats tighttt<3
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    My montages

    Nice vids man.
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    Eyes on Confrontation

    looks like its gunna be POOP! jkjk <3
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    hey its taiinted

    Welcome to EA! Enjoy your stay.
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    Tutorial Text Tutorial

    thnx bro<3. and damn this vizion kid looked like a great designer..
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    Resources My First Requests :)

    ill be your first<3. Main Text: II eXpoSurE o Sub-Text: EA Advertiser Colours: Greenish-blue, and white. Extras: dont matter.. just make it look sick<3.
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    Request SilentHawk *COMPLETE*

    First request taken on EA is a sucess<3 nice job.
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    Gamertags, PSNs, and Wii codes

    XBL: II eXpoSurE o
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    What up with it yo.

    Welcome to EA! Enjoy your stay.
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    whats ur favorite game

    cod4 FTW<33
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    C & C Some of my stuff

    good stuff man<3.
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    Welcome Juvy.. your from MDS =D. Enjoy your stay.
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    GFX latest sigs of mine

    go apply for designer you sexy beast<3
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    Resources Josh's Gift Shop! *Closed*

    Main Text: II eXpoSurE o Sub Text: GeT oN MuH LeVeL Colors: the colors for an advertiser - its like a blue green kind of color.. Extras: just like manunited's.. the crown and all. Aim: yungkingjames23 thanx HaZeD! <3 =]