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    lost commercial

    Oh I like the arsty touch to it lol Wish we had some like that in the US. Stead of commericals like Paris Hilton washing a car why?! to sell a burger... makes no sense. BTW [b]little miss vaughn[/url] LOVE your av and sig
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    Superheroes Batman: The Dark Knight

    I'm sorry but I'm glad Katie Holmes isn't in the sequel
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    Sci-Fi The Island (2005)

    LOL OMG hey Frank it's Syd GOGO hey... lol Anyways I can't wait for this movie to come out. I just got Entertainment Weekly with Ewan and Scarlett on the cover. This coming FRI eek can't wait.
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    What movie did you just watch?

    Never heard of station agent... what's it about? Collateral was good...bad ending I think though
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    Will Ethan Return?

    well considering Francie came back through "a revival potion" yes possibly...didn't seem human
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    What movie did you just watch?

    Garden State and House of Flying Daggers
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    Character Cut Off

    Okay latest Watch With Kirstin Update! She says: I think it's a guy but everyone thinks it's gonna be Jack... GAH I can't deal with that
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    What is your favourite movie quote?...

    The banter about how Capt'n Jack sparrows got off the island... "human hair..." "From my back" god I love that... lol
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    Are you still animating things?
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    Who thinks Walt is Creepy?

    He's creepy.... lol
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    Sci-Fi Equilibrium

    lol I love they style of the movie though can't wait for Christian Bale to reprise the Role of BATMAN!!!
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    Drama Garden State

    Wrote directed and starred..he's hilarious on Scrubs too
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    Horror Constantine

    I don't really care about the comic but that's just me
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    Sci-Fi Equilibrium

    It was a good movie I couldn't sit through the last fight scene though cause it made me queasy but it was really good and artisitc
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    Funniest Movies Of All Time!

    Batman Series(Batman, Returns, Forever, Batman & Robin I liked them but I expected more I think THOUGH I'm looking forward to Batman Begins Catwoman BAD BAD BAD KITTY Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2 These were really good but there's so much to the Spider-Man story I think there will be a CORNICOPIA...
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