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    ~ Hopeless Romantic ~, Call it home! ~No.2~

    Ok I realise it's been about 5 months since that little conversation- but I CANNOT BELIEVE i actually recognise names of people posting, everyone in the last year infact.... madness... ahhh it's like looking back on a little bit of my past... we were so cool.... I hope everyone's well and...
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    On Your Porch

    That was so lovely, in as much as Syd dying in a house of flames can be lovely, but yeah it was nice- if you know what i mean :) I really liked it. Thanks for posting :)
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    Love is a Four Letter Word

    Hurrah! Excellent work katy i was just sitting at my computer with nothing to do, trying to avoid the mountian on work and i though "hummm valentines day yest, bet there's lots of fics at aa" but as i haven't been her in agges i was scrowling down the page not recognising any of the writters...
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    I'll always be there

    Hello! I can't say i come here very much but when i saw you'ed written this story i just had to read it :D ~ call it for old times sake if you will. anyway it was really sweet, and so glad he wasn't actually gone :D thanks for another lovely story
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    GCSEs and A levels

    aww that's so unlucky :( at least you don't have to be in solitary though- my friend had to be supervised by a teacher over night to ensure she didn't cheat as she had to take a second one the next day! I've got a Maths paper on friday and a biology one next week :( should probably be revising...
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    White Roses

    i just read the 1st part and really liked it :D i'll read more when i've had some sleep- so tiared right now! really good though- well done :D
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    Hat Trick

    dang thought there was an update :(
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    A Christmas Delivery

    awww Katy that was excellent total christmas lovelyness very very good :)
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    The BIG quiz

    what was weiss' dog called?
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    All Things English 2!

    awww shucks All things english died :sadangel:
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    i'm so sorry it's taken me so long to reply to this! I haven't been on aa much recently tbh and have been very lax with fic reading :blush: but when i saw this on the first page I had to click it open :) thank you so much for the story- it was a really different and original idea and i'm glad...
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    Shattered Illusions

    ohh a chapter! would that be the one you started back in may ;) but yayness if you do post :D :D
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    We've Got Something Here

    Ohh a sequal! I didn't realise there was one :blush: But really please there is :) hope there's more to come!
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    Home to Stay

    WOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :D :D :D random fans hates me at the mo so I came back here and look how nice it was to me- crazy but yayayayayya :D
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    Lips of an Angel

    wow that was really good, so different but still so good. well done :D and thanks