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    Tell us about your rig...if you dare!

    I'm starting to feel the outdatedness of mine. :/ Athlon 64 3700+ san diego. 2gb OCZ platinium, PC 4000 eVGA 7800GT 512mb. Sata2. DFI Lanparty Expert motherboard. I keep having to delete stuff to make room on my 250gb hd too. :( Oh well it's lasted like 2 years and I'll be able to...
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    This is the primary reason I quit most mmorpgs. I cannot spend 2 hours a day looking for a group when I only have 3-4 hours of time to play the game.
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    Aion: The Tower of Eternity

    Going to take 2 years to level cap and it's going to lack on content, so getting to that level cap means doing the same thing over and over. I garauntee it. It's pretty obviously a korean game. :/ It looks fantastic, and the whole flying thing is neat. But all korean games are massive...
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    Bioware's "secret" Hero Engine MMO

    Bioware has a VERY BAD relationship with LAE(Lucas Arts Entertainment) because of how controlling with them. They said they'd never make another star wars game again.. Look what LAE did to SWG. :| So ti's pretty unlikely that they'd be making another star wars game.
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    HJ IRC Channel! New Server!!!

    I can't stand Quakenet. It's full of channel spammers and trolls. The rules of the network encourage people to spam their channel to get more people into the channel. (for Q and such) I can't stand it at all! Gamesurge has better people on it but it has lame throttling and tons of...