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    GFX - Rate the signature above you! ใƒ„ -

    i dont feel like saying lol and i dont like the sig in my sig space either im bout to change it
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    Kayne West

    as long as you dont say lil wayne is better you can diss kanye even though he one of the few people keeping hip hop alive and with his new cd he is just showing a different tast of what he can do [no ****]lol
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    uhhhhhhh..... :S

    well welcome to EA lol have fun stay active
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    GFX - Rate the signature above you! ใƒ„ -

    both are novice level but could be very good tags if things were fixed i shall give them both a 4/10 and idc what you guys rate my sig lol
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    C & C Gorgeous

    it has potential but it messy and erase stuff from the focal its not good to have stuff on it
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    C & C Through The Clouds

    the lighting isnt that good and you need to add more effects or something looks to plain
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    I want to apologize

    not sure what you did but hopefully everyone accepts your apology
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    C & C Smudged Link Signature

    make the render more visible dont put to much lighting directly on his body and add some other effects to it so that it wont look so plain
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    just post whatever games idc i need something to do as long as they work for mac
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    Resources 400+ c4ds.

    idk lol ask a admin or somethin
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    does anyone know any goood games that i cna download for mac
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    Resources 400+ c4ds.

    i can download them just fine thanks for this but i dont think you can post stuff like this if you didnt get permission from the persons that made all of it
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    C & C Creative Computing ( Editorial )

    COver looks cool i also want to see whats inside
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    GFX Online photoshop alternatives

    yeah i know but was just giving people another option
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