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    Av Thread

    Is this OK? :)
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    Season 5 Prophesy fulfilled or Fake resolution?

    For me, the Rambaldi stuff is one of the reasons I watch Alias - I think it's completely fascinating, and I love seeing things unfold. I really hope the season 4 finale was a fakeout as a "prophecy fullfilling" thing - as most people seem to agree, a climactic battle it was not. There's been so...
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    Av Thread

    Thanks! :) Here's my latest avies of Syd - I also combined them into an animated avie: BTW - the text is from page 47 of the prophecy, so this is my "chosen one" series of avies. :)
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    Non-Alias related wallpapers

    Here's one of my BtVS walls, one of many I have on my wallpaper website.
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    Alias Wallpapers

    After making loads of BtVS and AtS wallpapers, I thought I'd turn my hand to Alias walls. Here's my first - I think it could be a lot better - my skills aren't what they
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    Av Thread

    For my first post in this forum, I bring you an Alias avatar I made - I'll be making more of them soon, if anyone's interested. :) So - what do you reckon to this?