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    Sci-Fi Free Advanced Copies of "The Chronicles of Henry Harper"

    My first book under the Jacen Aster pen name(I've done a number of shorts and a novella under others) is coming out on December 16th. In advance of that, I'm giving out a double handful of FREE Advanced Reader Copies, as a way to generate interest. The book is a Science Fiction/Space Opera work...
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    Klingon Ring... With An Eagle?!

    Keep in mind that what is on the ring has to be a modified version, as the ring is black, and thus the logo sections that are black on the website would be altered for the ring. Taking into account those changes, is clearly IS the company logo, modified for white-only. More to the point, it...
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    Sci-Fi Is it assumed that all ships have some type of anti-gravity device?

    Most T.V. and movie series put forward the idea of Artificial Gravity for ease of filming, however books are a often a different matter. In the more hard-science literature the means for gravity generation is often covered in some manner...however very rarely is there no gravity. The reason for...
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    Science Star Trek's "Synthehol" now a reality?

    Interesting, but not Synthehol as I understood it. I was under the impression that Star Trek's Synthehol is taste and smell only, with no significant intoxication resulting. Checked the Memory Alpha wiki though and it's a bit...vague, so I'm not completely sure.
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    Klingon Ring... With An Eagle?!

    So, I got an answer. The symbol on the inside of the ring is the company's logo. When you can see a unblurred image of it(Retroworks) it is fairly different from the nazi version. The seller was actually quite grateful to have the issue brought up, saying they would speak to their artist about...
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    Klingon Ring... With An Eagle?!

    Hmmm, the symbol doesn't quite match, the wings are larger and the circle drawn too far up into the body of the eagle. However, a number of neo-nazi groups have modified it and the image isn't clear enough to make out one way or I put a question on Amazon about it ^_^. I figure...
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    Politics Where to for the Democrats and Left in general?

    My instinctive, knee jerk reaction to the title was "Canada." But, then, I had just read this BBC article. To be honest, I think the actual answer is "no or little change." Keep in mind a couple of points. First, places like the Bible belt have traditionally voted republican, this wasn't really...
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    Sci-Fi Starbase Yorktown Plausibility Study (spoilers)

    Wait, what? I've reread my opening comment four times and can't find a single thing that was hostile. And the point of disagreeing about something is...kinda confrontational. If you weren't prepared for someone to shoot you down, I'm not sure why you wrote this. It also means I didn't read any...
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    Sci-Fi Starbase Yorktown Plausibility Study (spoilers)

    ...You've made so many flawed assumptions, and ignored so much tech(even modern tech, let alone Federation tech), that truly refuting this would take hours and a point by point approach that frankly isn't remotely worth it. As such, I will point out only a few of the hilariously obvious ones...
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    Greetings from a Sane Fellow

    Hello people of the internet. I'm Jacen, and I'm generally an anti-social misanthrope with delusions of awesomeness. Also, delusions about someday owning a Dark Wizard's Tower, and scaring the hell out of the townsfolk I build it near. But that, of course, goes without saying. I mean, clearly...
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