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    Favourite Food

    My favorite food is Chinese and Pizza. I like Chinese noodles, Manchurian with rice and hot and sour soup. I like pizza because of I love cheese so much. I like Italian Pizza.
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    PC Games?

    Need for Speed : most wanted is my favorite game. Need for Speed game has so many great racing track. NFS World racing game is a Need for Speed game series. This is a racing game in which players drive cars through city streets.
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    Mafia 2

    I like to play games. Mafia 2 is a good action game. Mafia 2 is a action and uncompromising mob story make for an impressive and violent adventure. Mafia 2 is a best game with high technical marks and a compelling story tailored for an adult audience.
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    Favourite Console?

    Power Station 3 is my favorite game console. The play station3 is a good gaming console. The play station has a hard drive.The Play Station 3 was the first gaming system to allow the use of HDMI and 1080p. The Play Station3 also offers support for Memory Stick standard, Memory Stick Duo, Memory...
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