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    Computer Screen

    mines a 25"
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    If you were without your computer

    i pretty much live on my computer so i would go nuts lol
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    i dont really like going to the beach too much sand
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    Spelling and Grammar

    i dont really care as you can see my spelling and grammar isnt the greatest anyway
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    GTA IV

    i completed this game when it first came out it was awesome
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    his new album is really cool my favourite song on it is im not afraid
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    i dont donate to any organizations or websites at the moment
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    hey all my name is james how are we all?
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    I Love Films;

    Your right, but i love how it just rips apart the scary films, and makes them funny :)
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    Gta Iv

    Yeahhh hang on :) On topic: ill get it when i have money haha :)
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    Alton Towers

    i went on air! that was amazing :)
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    Alton Towers

    :) yeah my bro does all that designing stuff, uses a programme called flame? anyone ever heard of that?
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    Gta Iv

    Yeahh, sanandreas was amazing, i loved how you could fly the planes and stuff, Ace.
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    I Love Films;

    haha, how can you like scary movie 1&3, number 2 is the only good one!
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    Gta Iv

    Anyone got the new GTA? ive played it for a few mins, wasnt too impressed; is it worth buying?