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    Unofficial Update

    I tried to think of a rebuttal, or some how think of some reason to take Simutronics side. I don't know why either... but ya know... I just can't think of anything. I don't know if I'd completely say that they completely disregarded the fans of Hero's Journey... but did they disregard the fans...
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    EA merges Bioware and Mythic

    <watches and waits> I've been a Mythic Entertainment fan since DAoC. I'm not a huge WAR fan though, so I can only sit back and watch.
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    Happy :(

    Happy Belated Birthday Daax! And just 1 day before mine! Congrats on the big 2-0! :) <hands Daax three bowls, one with lush ripe fruit, and one with various and assorted candies. The third bowl he hands to Daax wrapped in fine colorful paper that seems to contain more than just a bowl in its...
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    Happy 36th Birthday Jaraeth

    Thanks Guys! I did have myself a great birthday :)
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    If it helps, I'll consider reading this series when I'm done with the current 4 sets of series I'm trying to finish ;)
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    Still Humming Along

    You might try providing reasons other than "they're just like WoW". What is it about WoW, and these other games, that you dislike specifically? Graphics clip too much? Art style too ... "Cartoony"? Too many quests? Too few quests? Bad solo play (why? how?)? etc. The fact is, businesses...
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    The Secret World

    Magic Missile! <throws a bean bag about 6" and watches it fizzle out of existence>
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    I was told about this a few days ago... my only feeling is "Skepticism". It sounds interesting, but... I have 5 computers, and if my cable "boosts" my speed, I might get 12-15mbps download... split 5 ways... 2-3mbps each, *IF* it's nearby, otherwise the average "fast speed" is to divide that by...
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    Beta Fever (zOMg!!1!!2 I WaNt in BETa!!!1!!2)

    Not as of yet.... but, should something occur, you'll find it here ;)
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    linkedIN anyone?

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    New HeroEngine w/ a tease of future HJ news....

    and having a video card that can support it being set it to "highest quality" ...
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    linkedIN anyone?

    Wow, I just signed up and a good chunk of my company is there. (o.O);
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    Selling the old toons, dust and all.

    While lucrative, I agree with Gate. I agree to the TOS and EULA's for every game, and every game says you are explicitly denied the right to sell accounts or in game "property or items" for real world gain, and by clicking "accept" you agree to waive your right to sell any part of their game...
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    New HeroEngine w/ a tease of future HJ news....

    I have a small glimmer of hope for HJ, and I'll continue to work on and visit this site until it is 100% official vaporware. However, maybe this comment is better left for another topic... but "will HJ be superior when (or if) it is finally released?" Remember 1999, the birth of the original...
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    Sci-Fi Watchmen (2009)

    I just went to see this... and all I can say is... "It's rated R people! Why did you take your younger kids to see this movie?" <laughs> My friends heard someone referring to various scenes as they were being shown as "homosexual pornography"... yeah, that's what it is... and when they show...
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