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    Finally another person that Loves SARKNEY. Everything her is all Syd and Vaughn. (ewww) ne ways YEAH! I love this story. Your writing is great and amazing. Keep up the great work and update
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    Good Chapter. Can't wait till Sydney and Nadia meet. Keep up the good work.
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    The Hunter and the Hunted

    WHAT NO WEAPONS!!! ^ come on how can two super spys (hehe) be so unprepared. well great chapter i love the way you write i get hooked from the first sentence to the last. keep up the good work. oh and i hope sark and syd hook up.... peace jason
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    This is my First Fan Fiction. . . so I would like a lot of feedback good or bad, I mean it I just want the truth. The Charaters mentioned are not mine. Chapter 1 Sydney's Diary I go to my special place, in my closet. Just me and my ball. This is no place of comfort, just a place of belonging...
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    I love this STORY, is wonderful. I like that nadia and Irina are bonding. I'm so excited when Nadia and Sydney meet each other (if they do). Keep up thr good work its really Great YeahYo 4 Yayo Peace Jason
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    Illusion Of Sin

    Dude you have to finish this story its amazing and I can't wait to read what happens next . jason
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