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    The Orange Box: Portal.

    Yes, it's very short, but... Great fun none the less. :D
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    My first impression from the beta: Fury is like a cross between Unreal Tournament (uses same engine) and a typical MMO. Being entirely PvP-focused, Guild Wars comes to mind as reference, but without the classes. You can learn skills and spells from all schools and elents, catering your very...
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    Fallout Online - MMORPG - by Bioware? Bethesda licensed the franchise for an offline Fallout 3. Interplay still owns Fallout and will make an MMO out of it. Both are far in the future, I think. Let's just hope those two don't branch the original and end up in a canon mess.
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    Eve Online

    For EvE-players, non-players, drop-outs and un-decided alike, read: The Eve Online 0.0 Experiment Great blog about a 'newbie' starting out in 0.0 space. Really funny if you think EvE is a boring game. Be sure to start from the beginning.
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    What past if any MMO's have you played?

    UO (OSI) at release EQ1 at release AC2 UO (Private RP-Servers) for a long time (long pause) EvE Online WoW at release EQ2 EvE again Ryzom Linage 2 (Private Server) WoW Currently trying to sell my WoW account on eBay and will return to either EQ2 or Ryzom while waiting for Vanguard...
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    Tell us about your rig...if you dare!

    I'm currently in the process of upgrading my rig bit by bit. Pentium 4 651 3,4 Ghz @ 4Ghz Asrock 775Dual-VSTA Mobo (Cheap, I know. Only a temporary solution) ASUS GeForce 6600 (Will upgrade to an 8800 for DX10 when Vista comes out) 1.0 GB DDR400 RAM (Upgrade to 2 GB DDR2 800Mhz soon) 2x...
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    I played the trial for a while and the game has some really interesting concepts. Even bought the full game on ebay recently but haven't come around to register it yet. If I can sell my WoW account on eBay this week, I'll either pick up Ryzom or EQ2 till Vanguard or HJ comes out.
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    Gothic 3

    I really WANT to like this game, but too many bugs, crappy performance, bad voice acting (german version), ugly animations and a flat-out boring combat system ruins it for me. It wasn't even playable before patch 1.08. I don't know which version was released to the global market, but the german...
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    Who wouldn't want to be a bad guy?

    Yes, it's usually a matter of perspective. If you help your own faction, you are evil to everyone in an opposing faction. Being able to be a villain requires tailored quests. Quests in which you have to do evil things. Demon: Do something evil, my apprentice. You will then be rewarded with this...
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    How smart can Mobs be?

    Hmm, I think we are just not there yet. Neither as players, developers or in terms of gameplay possibilities. When I think "Haha, I'm a hero and that dude just asked me to take care of his nasty ogre problem around the corner.", I want to kill that ogres and acturally survive. That usually means...
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    I've played EQ just last month. Canceled subscription though, have to learn for all the exams in July. Maybe I'll be back after those are through. Seemed very nice. So many quests, you can't even do them all in your level range. I tried out some characters, highest is lvl 20 conjuror. Too bad...
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    Process Explorer

    Yep, check out that whole site. There are some real good finds to be made there. Couldn't live without some of them.
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    My New Video Card

    That's soooo sick... *crawls into his casing and cuddles with his 6600* No, darling, you are not worthless. Look at those bitches, they are all fat and ugly. You are slim and so much hotter!
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    Day/Night cycle

    How do you think the Night/Day cycle should work in HJ, if there is one? Odd - One ingame day is 3 1/2, 5, 7, etc. hours realtime, followed by a night the same lenght, meaning that when you log in at 1pm you don't always have the light ingame. Even - One ingame day is 2, 3, 4, 6, etc. hours...
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    How are we doing?

    Voted B+ There's not enough information on the game yet, so every site has everything. The sites aren't really distinct yet. But I sure feel at home here. (Argh, got a new keyboard today. These laptop thingies really give me finger cancer...)