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    Call of Duty 4

    GT: b IL a IK e Rank: 10th Prestige lvl 55, All Golden Guns :) Fav Gun: M40, M16, MP5 Fav map: Crossfire, Crash, Backlot K/D: 1.27
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    Request Drastiikz pick up

    Nice job man...
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    Tutorial SUNSHINE!tutorial

    Nice tut...thank you
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    GFX Greatest Sigs You've Seen

    That Gears of war one WOW...nice finds guys...
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    Resources Eastudios psd pack #1

    Nice share my dude...
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    RoGeR Here

    what up roger...
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    Request J Nasty x *COMPLETE*

    Looks sweet nice job my boy OD
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    No... E-Mazed>
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    GFX Some sigs and stuff

    love the assasin's creed one :)
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    GFX Gaming Injection

    nice job effekt...
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    Resources Josh's Gift Shop! *Closed*

    Main Text: JEW Sub Text: ------- Colors: Pink outline, Black inside... Extras: Crown on the E Aim: I NxG I Blake
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    Request SilentHawk *COMPLETE*

    I like the text :), overall good sig...
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    Hey wats up Jew is here..u may know me from E-Mazed...or a couple other GFX sites...
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    JUVY <3 this site is tight :)
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    hey its taiinted

    Wat up...the guys here are pretty cool
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