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    Season 5 Some thoeries about the Horizon

    The theory about Nadia's cure is interesting, but wouldn't it be even wilder if Horizon is a person (who is the last Rambaldi descendant) AND Tom's ex-wife (we find out he was married the same episode there is a big deal about Horizon). I not really serious about this theory but it's just my...
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    Season 5 Callsigns

    LOL!! I thought of Matrix too when I heard Oracle for the first time! Isn't Sidewinder a snake's name? I thought that was interesting.
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    Tom Grace/Sydney Bristow

    Wouldn't Renee be a better match for Tom? I mean they're both pretty reckless. I see Tom and Sydney having more of a brother/sister relationship.
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    Newbie to board!

    Hi! I have been a huge fan of Alias for 5 seasons and this is my first time here! :D :D