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    Change Your Mind

    what an adorable story, janet. i really really loved it. this fic makes me want to come to AA more often. good job!! i really loved it!
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    Love is a Four Letter Word

    that was absolutely adorable. i loved it. i haven't been to AA in such a looong time due to the "hecticness" that is my life but i'm soo glad i came on today and read just made me feel happy inside. good job, katy! kaitee
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    Fools in Love

    hmmmm...very interesting. i really really like this fic and can't wait to read more!
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    Fools in Love

    i really really like this so far. thanks sooooo much for the pm xoxo-kait
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    What About Me?

    alright sooo whoa..i am way behind on reading all of these fics. I have been insanely busy with school and a traveling and other stuff. so i definitely want to apologize for my lack of reviews. but i definitely want to let you know that i am most certainly reading and enjoying all of your "new"...
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    JG compatibility test

    this is hilarious. here my jg results. physical:96% emotional:22% intellectual:84% total:68% ...hmmm. and now for mv. physical:91% emotional:33% intellectual:58% total:61% hmm..not bad at all. hey, mv if you ever need someone; i am totally available ;) that was fun!
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    The Plan

    i love love love this fic! oh and i must admit shindig is quite the word. :lol: thanks for the pm. xoxoxox-kaitlyn
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    Butterfly Kisses

    awww....that was so sad. :down: But sooo good! I loved it! thanks so much for the pm xoxox-kaitlyn
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    The Things We Hide

    I love this fic..its just so darn intriguing. You girlies are evil though, for making us wait SO long. Hah. That is most certainly a of the more blatant clues actually. Then again, who knows what you guys can come up with?!?! :lol: Thanks so much for the pm! -kaitlyn :ph34r:
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    The Plan

    First!, it feels nice to say that because unfortunately its been a while since I was remotely first. Fantastic update other than.... NOOOOOOOOOO......! Okay, so after that over-reaction. :lol: I know that this fic is going to eventually be Syd/Vaughn but I don't know..Danny just makes...
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    The Plan

    apparently you were caught being online. ;) but awww...what an adorable chapter. I can't wait to see what happens next! Awww...I love when he's called Vaughn! :D Thanks for the pm! xoxox-kaitlyn
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    The Plan

    Yay! I really like it so far. :D Oh, and as soon as I get some time I'm gonna catch up on all of the FW posts I have missed and I will write a super super long reviews with quote and everything! I just want to read it in all one constant time period and I just haven't found the time lately...
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    Although I've never had hard-core acne or anything I have found that Proactiv works amazingly! Trust me...its definitely worth the investment!
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    The Weekend

    Awwwww...its all just so *sigh* wonderful! I really do love this fic and that chapter was absolutely adorable! Bloane and Haughn...hahahaha :lol: Thanks so very much for the pm! -kaitlyn
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    The Weekend

    Oh Janet...this is just flat out adorable! I can't wait to read more! And as I'm reading this I'm listening to the song " We Belong Together" by Gavin Degraw and it just fits the whole situation perfectly! Ah...glorious! I was wondering if I could get a pm?!?! Thanks in advance! I really am...
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