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    Nadia's Spies

    yeah...she just comes in for like one scene with weiss every episode and thats is really all you see of her...well in the last episode she did have a conversation with syd about being sick and stuff but it looks like that is about to change this wednesday...spy sisters go on mission...
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    When did you become a J/I shipper?

    since the first time i saw irina i loved her...she was just so great and everything...and that first scene with jack ...that was great...after that i was hooked.
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    Mia's Marvels

    can i join too!!! she is great...need more hispanics on the show so there will be more juanes!!!
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    Poll: Lena Olin or nobody?

    no one would be able to replace lena olin...she was just too perfect for the role. The only way they could do it that i would be content with would be if she came back for one or two episodes and they told the complete story and killed her off or she just came back for good.
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    Nadia's Spies

    Can i join too!!! i love that there is a hispanic on the show...loved the juanes in the first ep. of season 4 too....hopefully they will add more since she is a regular.
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    I love her character to death but yeah i would be so scared of her...course i still believe that she really does love sydney and all so if i WAS her daugter she would love me too and that would kinda be a little less scary...just a little bit.
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    What are you SUPPOSED to be doing right now?

    I should be doing calculus but can you blame me...this is SO much better
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    Season 4 Clues from the title

    Well if i had to guess i would say it has something to do with syd, nadia, jack, or slone. In the description ABC give for the episode it says syd and nadia are arguing over nadia's relationship with slone. And i just added jack in there cuz im sure he would have something to say about the whole...
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    Season 5 NEW Scoop

    Ok so that would be like the BEST thing ever!!! I would HATE that...i mean i would LOVE it...but Hate it too...
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    Season 4 Yelena Derevko?

    how do the russians not know that irina is dead...i mean syd has her in that cemetary or whatever by where she grew up...all they would have to do is look at the little sign.
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    Missing Twenty

    sorry it took me so long to update...hope to have the next one up tomorrow night...but we'll see. if you want a pm just ask. 2 months later; 1 year and 6 months after she left. “Sydney, Katie’s mom is here!” “Is Katie here too?” Jack opened the door for a middle aged women and her daughter...
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    Missing Twenty

    4 months later; 1 year and four months after she left. “Sydney, don’t go too far!” Jack yelled out at his daughter who had been slowly inching her way farther and farther away from the park bench he was sitting on. It was a warm Saturday afternoon and after getting a late breakfast Jack had...
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    Missing Twenty

    1 Year after Irina left Jack stared at the man sitting across from him. His name was Jean Riley and he was a recently acquired CIA asset with useful information on a weapons smuggling organization based here in Paris. Jack had been working in conjunction with Riley and the CIA to raid the...
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    Missing Twenty

    this is my first please tell me what you think. Missing Twenty 1 week after Laura's funeral He opened his eyes startled, what had woken him up? He listened to the silence finally he heard it again. It was Sydney. He got up quickly, threw on his robe, and proceeded down the hall to...