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    Alias Blends 2

    I love the second version! The bullets are just and the color is beautiful :hug: I lvoe the composition, too :blush: It's fantastic. Thank you :) The shiny parts are my favorite ^_^ But, like by, Jack outside of the circle what do you mean? <----- is slow :rolleyes:
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    Non-Alias Wallpapers

    I love them all! They're gorgeous, you have such an awesome style...:blush: I love the colors in the Star Wars ones, but the first and second Professional ones are my favorite. The colors are gorgeous, very vibrant, and I love your texture use. I wish I could work resources like you lol...
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    Related to or know anyone famous?

    Eva Longoria is a distant cousin on my father's side. I don't care though: have no interest in meeting her, probably never will anyway. *shrug*
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    Billie Joe Armstrong

    He's effing gorgeous! I even have a favorite picture of his. It's on my binder. He's kissing Mike Dirnt *giggles madly* It's right next to the pictures of Gerard Way and Lena Olin :innocent:
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    Same-sex crushes

    Lena Olin. Even if it were any-sex crushes. Still Lena Olin.
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    Alias Wallpapers

    Yet another. This one's Varina, because I'm that predictable. Images are from,, and Brushes are mine and Photoshop defaults. Fonts are Times New Roman, Ruritania, Cocaine Sans, Blind, and Angelina. Lyrics are "Lay Lady Lay" off the Mr&Mrs Smith ST...
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    LiveJournal Thread #4

    AlisonDoren I love the HP icons! The diagonal lines are soo retro, and your colors are great! Xinyi, I love the last few, very dark, and the color tone on the ones with Natalie :reallyexcited: I've got to see that movie... Okay, so I couldn't make a decent icon to save my life, but I got...
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    Alias Wallpapers

    Very very nice! I love the darkness, fits with the quote especially. Very mysterious indeed! Here's some Lena art. No specific reason, other than I'm obsessed with these pictures. Images from
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    Non-Alias Wallpapers

    ef35lcf x@$()@*_ED" !+_P# *isded* XIN!!! That's absolutely, positively beautimous!!! I adore that movie ( :rolleyes: ) and the piece is kind of sad ( :( ), but it's so sweet, too! The brushwork is just fantabuloso, and the diagonal lines (you have quite a way with those..) love the picture...
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    Alias Blends 2

    :blush: :blush: :blush: *isred* Thankies ^_^ Took forrrefffeeerrrr, so yay that it's not bad :D
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    Alias Blends 2

    Ethan- I love that, saw it at SD-1. The brushes around the edge are great, love how shaprened they look, and the colors are just :reallyexcited: This one for a challenge at Creative. Inspired by "Used to Love Her" by Voodoo Glow Skulls, which are the lyrics used, font is Times New Roman, imsage...
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    Non-Alias Related Blends

    *dies* I love the first one, Xinyi! And I'm usually a color-effect chick, but that's great! I'd never heave the patience to cut all of that out :blink: My hands would fall off :blush: But you're an excellent cutter, it's one of your many awesome skills. Also, you used the white on black...
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    Help! Please *puppy dog face*

    For serious?! :reallyexcited: I mean...uh...yay :D
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    Non-Alias Wallpapers

    OMGFALLOUTBOYLYRICS!!!! *forces self to calm down...* I lovelovelove the color for that piece! The edges are also very cool, so grungy! And the pictures- you used a lot but it doesn't look corwded or anything. Perfect!
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    Alias Wallpapers

    Oooh, that looks very mysterious SydneyAnneVaughn! I love the lighting, looks very horror/comic book movie...or something. It's great, and red :lol: . WhiteRabbit OMGOMG MCR LYRICS!!! They go so awesome with that pice too, love the picture placement and the lyrics (..) and your texture use is...