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    Sci-Fi How can we save science fiction?

    Hmmm. I guess I'm just not seeing it. Just based on my own casual observation it seems like sci fi is growing by leaps and bounds. Every other TV show and movie seems to be sci fi. World War Z, Oblivion, Gravity, Chronicle, Man of Steel, Battleship, the two most recent Star Trek movies, Star...
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    Sci-Fi New book of short stories available

    Hello everyone. If you like unusual science fiction that's more idea based than character based, you might like my new book of short stories entitled: collection (fiction (science) (0)) At 90 pages it's a quick read, but hopefully one that'll entertain and surprise you. You can read a few...
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    Last Truly Original Genre Work You've Experienced?

    No, I love those 50's cheesey movies too. I don't see the current ones as intentionally trying to do the same thing, but instead just trying to make money. But I could be dead wrong. No big whoop :). Metropolis...yes! Forgot about that.
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    Last Truly Original Genre Work You've Experienced?

    Lack of originality is nothing new and I have a feeling there's no less originality today than long ago. It's just easier to produce nowadays! Look at ScyFy channel. Every other movie is basically a 50's style disaster flick. Studios must literally have a template video file or something to...
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    An Alternative To Spaceships

    Couple comments. If we're talking real life, current day, IMHO we're doomed. In general the human race, or rather those in positions of power, seems to be a Me first greed/capitalism driven race. I don't see how any argument could ever be made to support long term adventures with limited promise...
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    An Alternative To Spaceships

    No TV! How dare you! :) Actually co-evolution like you mention is only jolting if you start with the premise that instances of life in the universe are separate. I personally don't subscribe to that belief. I'm more a pantheist or panentheist (whatever the label is) - or to put it like Carl...
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    An Alternative To Spaceships

    Hmm sounds like you're repeating what was just on TV...Aliens: The Definitive Guide, Science channel I think it was, with the Japanese guy who's made a name for himself. He explained your exact idea, and even mentioned "I Love Lucy". Regardless, it's an interesting idea to spread information...
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    When can mankind reach the nearest stars?

    Mirelly - so am I hearing you say everything's been invented, and pretty much from here on out it'll just be refinements on existing technologies?
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    When can mankind reach the nearest stars?

    Which brings us to Clarke's idea about sufficiently advanced technology being like magic to us, or "godlike". TVs would seem magical to someone from a thousand years ago, yet now we can buy one for a couple hundred bucks at the corner grocery store. I guess I'm starting to sound like a broken...
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    The New Style...

    Frankly I'm in a few other forums that use the old look and feel (vb3 you seem to be calling it) and I never liked it. Always seemed pretty clunky to me. That's why I was so pleased the design here changed. I think it's great. Ya the rocket ship logo's a little kiddie, but no biggie IMO. Good job!
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    When can mankind reach the nearest stars?

    It just occurred to me we DO have an example of what I mean. It's Q in Star Trek. Presumably the Q use some kind of means to appear wherever they want. I wouldn't even call it 'travel' per se. And the fax idea wasn't an example so much as an analogy. The concept of moving information via...
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    When can mankind reach the nearest stars?

    Interesting discussion. But whenever I think about this stuff I wonder if we're not just thinking about creating "faster horses" so to speak. So for example say 3000 years ago we're all thinking of a way to get a message to the next city. I suggest we run instead of walk. You suggest we train...
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    Did Arthur C Clarke make a boo boo?

    I'm rereading Rendezvous with Rama. At the end of chapter 5 First EVA the main character turns a wheel with his own hands (in an EVA suit of course). Then Clarke writes this sentence: "Half a meter away, the curving wall of the pillbox started to move..." If I'm not mistaken, half a meter...
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    Sci-Fi Prometheus

    Nice review, glad to see I'm not the only one who thought Prometheus was a waste. I never liked any of the Alien movies, but the promos for Prometheus teased me enough to watch it on cable. It even had me going through about the middle until the two characters find the alien snakes in the muck...
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    What really would happen if aliens came to this planet

    Interesting, I never thought of advanced aliens as looking out for us like a mommy/daddy figure as you imply. I've viewed them as just that, advanced beings keeping tabs on us either for their own protection or to assist us in ushering in more advanced eras of our own. As for modes of travel...