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  • Hi Kevin, I just noticed you arrived, and I had just finished sending a PM to TIM about the post in the Outer Rim section..........and I see you took care it.
    I noticed you are a Captain America fan too. I have a three part Captain America adventure from Youtube in the INTRODUCE YOURSELF section under my name

    Have fun watching it when you have time to see it.
    I don't think we have officially met face to face. I thought since I'm new here, why not kiss butt to the top dog? Hi.
    heyhey buddy, just lookin for a place to geek out, heh.
    sorry if it sounded odd for this request but yes if possible then everyone can see just the threads they have started and respond to those or just keep track of the activity in them. i know like with everyone i have posted in alot of threads over time but sometimes i just want to see the ones i started. pretty anal of me isnt it?
    kevin, is it possible in the my stuff area to have a link to just the post a person has created alongside the one that says my threads. i like the my threads one that shows what i have posted in but wonder if possible to have a my post one also just for the ones created by that particular user.

    isnt it amazing that i can ask the same question twice in the same paragraph. no wonder writing is not going good for me. LOL
    i am losing my memory about the thirty something time. but i feel for you and hope all goes well for you
    Hello, mate. Love the avatar pic. Was that in Queensland by any chance? Or Hawaii?
    too bad you don't have instant chat on here. do you plan on it in the future?:eek:
    I got to get me a pic for this site
    what do you suggest?
    hi :)
    How are you? Im doing ok. can't believe this year went by so fast.
    Thanks, Kevin, for the link to this excellent site. The photos are great, and the photographer has a real sense or humor. There's even a pic of cosmonauts whizzing on the back tire of their bus on the way to the launch pad at Baikonur, following the tradition started by Yuri Gagarin, and never before captured in a photo!
    hi, this looks like a cool sci-fi web site. :)) I heard they are coming out with the new star trek movie in 2009. is this right?
    yes -it's been a while -I did look via public access but it was invariably hit'n'run without loging in
    Reading your message from Quiksand I say go for it!
    We haven't had a 10 question in awhile, might be nice...
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