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    Sports Fans Unite!

    about a year and a half ago, when the hockey league was canceled, there was a poll on it said something like, what would you miss most about the hockey season being over 1. i just love hockey, ill miss it 2. fighting 3. NHL playoffs 4. Stanley Cup (or whatever it is... sorry)...
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    it could break their spirits

    im sorry but this is just funny to me. cheers for trying to do something about deforestation though. If you are eating at a Japanese noodle shop or restaurant and chances are you'll be eating with a pair of disposable wooden chopsticks from China. But not for long. In a move that has...
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    Better than a theory

    anyone else think colbert resembles bob saget? i couldn't let it go during the entire movie
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    -{ Silent Hill }-

    i played silent hill (the first one) on playstation way back in the day. think i was about 14. i had all the lights off down in my basement. walking into an abandoned elementary school and hacking up little kids will never ever be erased from the memory bank. that title was genuinly scary...
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    Post a picture of you.

    im getting the feeling that xblood doesn't leave his cell phone's side much. is that your better half? :D
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    Sports Fans Unite!

    im not too big on NBA or MLB. i like basketball more than baseball. baseball just doesn't seem like it has changed in the last 100 years, cept for illegal drug use. but i do hope bonds get an asteric by his name if he does end up breaking aaron's record.
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    Sports Fans Unite!

    NFL im hoping that the colts actually make it to the superbowl this year. that is all i want. i don't want peyton to become lacking like dan marino. i know he is one of the greatest and all, but he never got a ring. i like the saints as well. i can't believe they got reggie bush. (the...
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    A minor rant

    wow that does sound like an extra pain at the pump. there isn't anything like that in Bama. some pumps ask for a car wash and a receipt, but that is about it. you can get a donut at the pump?
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    Hero's Journey Release Information!

    hey arremus, i just reactivated my DR account. i have an elven ranger named caynaan. i am still waiting for the transfer, but ill let ya know.
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    rare flies protected

    HONOLULU — Twelve species of rare flies known for their elaborate courtship displays and found only in the Hawaiian Islands are now protected under the Endangered Species Act. how on earth do you protect a fly? i don't even know what to say about that. im for protecting animals and all...
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    XBloods Heros Journey's Bar

    the rogue snuffs his pipe and watches the ashes fall incessantly to the floor. he had seen enough events unfold to realize this is not the place to have any kind of showdown. he walks up to the table of the three warriors and speaks barely above a whisper. "evening, i have overheard your tale...
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    Choose your weapon...

    bow and arrow, short blade, tomahawk, and weapons of mass destruction
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    gonna try roleplaying?

    for those of you who haven't really given rping a chance in game, we have a roleplaying folder in the forum for you to get your feet wet. all it really takes is your imagination. once you are in game, it gets easier and more fun. honestly, if everyone in the game does it, i may quit my...
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    Suggestions on a good FPS??!

    do you want to get a computer FPS or console. which console as well.
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    E306 PRess Release

    it would be really cool if they are going to enrich the roleplaying so much, that it is as much fun as being a hero. hundreds of actions would be cool. i think it would make the game juicy juicy juicy