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    Aloitan sitten....(Finnish)

    Suomessa on hävettävän vähän Alias-fanituotteita. Mitä virallisilta, englanninkielisiltä sivuilta katsoo, olisi ihana saada sellainen Messenger bag/Courier bag... Jos Nelonen Shopissa on vielä niitä pipoja, aion ostaa sellaisen, mutta se punainen paita on hiukan enemmän kuin vähän "eww". Ainoa...
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    Every little error? *chokes and cusses with some British profanities* ....Ahem. I see spelling and grammar part of the excellent writing, believe or not. That writing would look same that what I write when I'm on bus and try to use pen without distraction and can't make large, flowing capital...
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    That was pain to read, because lack of capitalizations. And you say you do have beta? Betas fix _all errors_, not just misspellings. Those errors include lack of capitalizations. Or have you and your betas(Or was there only one?) eaten your Caps Lock buttons as a snack? But yeah, I'm grammar...
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    Season 1 Thing that I asked from my dentist...

    Or then he did as Sydney asked him to do. ^_^ "Can you start from back teeth?" or something... And if it would have been "show teeth", she could have gotten it easily covered or fixed. But I guess that pain-thing, because point in torture is to shatter person so he/she talks. (Even it was...
  5. K Role Playing Game (AARPG)

    About bumping.. Isn't here such thing called as "sticky"? Just asking... And yes, my eyes almost jumped out from their sockets when I saw word "RPG". I'm veteran, I've been playing over five years now in various RPG:s. But I don't trust to my gaming skills enough that I would play canon...
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    Too addicted to Alias..?

    (I'm not going throught over 27 pages... So point me link, if here is already one.) My addings to it. - You pick interest to Moby/No doubt/etc.. (Already interested to Limp Bizkit, thank you. ^_^ ) only because "Alias" - You pick interest to Iliad because "Alias". (I call it Sloaneism. I...
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    Taas uusi suomalainen tänne... Polvijärveltä(Joensuun läheltä, jostain korvesta) olen. Tiivistelmä mielipiteistäni parin viime jakson ajalta. Sydney haukkumassa Sloanea oli vähintäänkin hienoa. Ihmettelin tosin kun Sloane ei karjunut "Out! Get out!!", mutta tajusin sitten että eihän se voi...
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    A-Z of alias #3

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    A-Z of alias #3

    Elena. F is for...
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    A-Z of alias #3

    Page 47? Q is....?
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    Whats your favorite subject?

    Other: And my reply: Data Security. Even it year has passed, but ah... Even some morons messed our hands-on test.. :angry: They had forgot clean registry and computer denied to work properly when we tried install different data security products into it. You can't tell how pissed we were then.
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    The Real World

    If does, that should be fixed.. Kendall seems to be polite in series, but that goes overboard.. ---- "Sydney", Kendall said with soft voice (insert rest here) --- would go fine.. Or would it will be too weird?
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    Hum.. Okay.. From Finland.

    It is actually "tervetuloa", but my tired mind didn't caught difference at first. :blink: But it doesn't matter, anyways.. Finnish is hard language. And it is really scary - I've found that I rather write long character profiles using my so-and-so English than Finnish, because in Finnish they...
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    The Real World

    "It has came to our knowledge that the son of a top CIA officer’s will me going on MTV’s The Real World." Unless someone noted, will be? *imagines Kendall(?) going to MTV and.. after second, all what remains from poster, can be collected into bucket* (No flame, but extremely hilarious...
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    Season 1 Thing that I asked from my dentist...

    Regarding to Alias. I decided to soften mood and joked bit about pulling teeth. And then I simply asked: "Why molar?" And answer was, all serious face: "It has many roots." So it should have hurted like hell without anesthetic. What Sydney didn't received. (It's sad I can't use this to my...
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