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    Has Anyone been paid the $250 Welcome

    Oh wow that would be great I don't think its true...or, you have to get up to 1000 $ to withdraw.
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    Welcome to the forum! Great to have you here!
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    Sports Books?

    Yeah me either :)
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    The Longest Thread

    Doing that now :D
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    The Counting Game

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    Count Down From 1000

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    Show off your internet speed!

    True it is very useful if you run a website for uploading content and such.
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    Computer Screen

    Sounds pretty good...better than mine for sure.
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    Interview Oscar

    Sorry haha. :P Best day of the week?
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    Interview KMRock

    Well I came up with the name...and I though, wow, why not make it into a place where people can come and chill, relax, have fun. :)
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    Welcome to Flozen. Have a great time here and hopefully you can stay active and have some fun :)
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    BlackOps Introducing Himself

    BlackOps Introducing Himself Sweet :D :D :D
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    The Longest Thread

    It is good to just chill out...especially after a long day :)
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    The Counting Game

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    Count Down From 1000

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