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    This is the greatest message I have seen on my computer.

    Judging by the border around that you're using Vista right? No wonder, it thinks everything will harm your PC. "Do you want to install this game?" Yes. "Are you sure want to install this game?" Yes. "Are you really, really su-" Just install already!
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    What kind of internet?

    DSL. Way back when I first started posting on this site (in 2003 no less) we had Dial-Up. It was a royal pain, constantly tying up the phone line everytime I wanted to make a post or do anything internet related. It's crazy that my speed now is 1Mbps which isn't even close to how fast speeds...
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    Alias: The Movie

    If they never make an ALIA[S] movie I'll have to be content with mi:3 which Abrams directed. That seemed to be as close to it as a film's gotten so far. If Jen and the rest of the cast didn't want to return I'd be up for JJ rebooting it into something else. A young University student who gets...
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    Jen Garner scheduled for Late Show with David Letterman, Feb 9, 2010

    For those who are having a difficult time viewing the video or want higher quality, here's the dolphin story:
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    Comedy The Big Bang Theory

    This show's very funny and I'm glad it's become popular. Sheldon always gets a laugh out of everybody here, the show is consistently well written and appeals to the inner geek in me. It's awesome.
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    LOST Season 6, Episode 4 - "The Substitute" - Feb 16, 2010

    *Spoilers ahead* I thought this was a good episode, especially after last week where not a lot was revealed. The flash-sideways with Locke were interesting and the main thread of Sawyer joining forces with Smoky/Not John was intriguing. The nod to good and evil and finally getting back to the...
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    Sci-Fi Avatar

    Avatar has now become the highest grossing movie of all time with Domestic Receipts (as of February 18'th 2010) totalling $668,224,829 surpassing Titanic's record. Combined with its large Foreign earnings the film has made a combined total of $2,376,104,809. That's insane, can't wait for the...
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    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Sade-In Another Time off of her new album Soldier of Love.
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    who do u love more?

    I like Coldplay better but think U2 is the better band. They've released a couple of classics with The Joshua Tree, All That You Can't Leave Behind and War. Though I believe Coldplay will be one of the few bands that are still around in ten-fifteen years time which is saying a lot with today's...
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    Last CD you bought?

    Corinne Bailey Rae-The Sea. A good work but sad.
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    French music..

    I've liked the Prototypes ever since I heard their song Who's Gonna Sing? used on an iPod Shuffle ad. Their album, even though completely French, won me over as the melodies and bouncing pop hooks were just as catchy as English songs. Worth checking out.
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    TV shows you miss?

    There was this show called The Pitts that didn't last long, I liked that. Freaks & Geeks, the 90's Batman cartoon series and of course, Alias.
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    Sports 2010 Winter Olympics

    I'm excited about the men's Ice Hockey starting tonight for Canada. First we're up against Norway, then Switzerland, then the USA. So far the women are doing well, they beat their opponents 18-0.
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    Best DVD Cover?

    Season One, it shows Sydney in various disguises which is what the show's all about (aside from action and romance). The others are just shots of her staring at you through the cover. My vote for the worst would have to go to S5, it's just too bland.
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    Whats your internet addiction?

    I spend way too much time reading Gawker blogs like Kotaku, Gizmodo and Defamer. Have spent a good chunk of the last three years commenting on their posts and they make about 40 a day (each) so it's hard to keep up.
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