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    Hello Paul! I left a message for you everywhere! I just want to make sure you get them! How...

    Hello Paul! I left a message for you everywhere! I just want to make sure you get them! How are you doing? How is Anna? How is life treating you? Anyway, I sent you a message and I hope to hear from you soon! Take Care
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    I am doing well, left a message for you just now, I know I have to get better at this! LOL

    I am doing well, left a message for you just now, I know I have to get better at this! LOL
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    Sci-Fi Paul

    I loved this movie! Too cute By the way I had to google "IMO". Yeah I am that old and that out of it!
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    Animation CodeMonkeys - An Underestimated Gem

    I know funny right! They get better and weirder! I think the gay guy is the one who comes out and sings his lines. I don't really remember his name either. But it gets really good. I must have watched the whole first season in a week. Glad you enjoyed it :)
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    Sci-Fi The Battlestar Galactica continuation pitch no one heard about

    Very cool! Never knew about that, thanks for sharing! By the way Starbuck was always my favorite. Being an awesome bada** woman myself, I think I relate. LOL.
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    Canceled games you'd like to see revived?

    I loved Dino Crisis on the Playstation and I wish someone would make a decent tombraider. I know I am totally dating myself and my age by saying that lol. But they just don't make them like they used to.
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    Welcome BolianAdmiral! All is welcome here. Some really cool people and interesting suggestions. Hope you enjoy your stay!
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    Sci-Fi Favorite Type of Sci Fi

    I love Space Opera. Time Travel....."sara, conner? Yessss? BOOM!" lol and of course Cyperpunk (had no idea it was called that) but whatever it is I loved Blade Runner!
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    Hatfields & McCoys

    I am watching it Kevin! Very interesting indeed! I didn't realize how much of a bloody feud it was. Just a background to those that haven't watched it, (I realize Kevin posted a link but sometimes you just want to see someone's view with cute little comments, hee, hee) from what I understand...
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    Aliens Do you believe in UFO's?

    Geez spam! Get that off at once! I actually think this is a good post. I will say yes I believe in UFO's and the existence of extraterrestrials. I am a dreamer, enthusiast and believer. I think outside the box and believe in much more outside of myself beyond my existence and beyond this...
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    Eugentics Wars : The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh

    This was a great series of books. Very fast paced and interesting, and blended several Star Trek episodes as well as Star Trek II the Wrath of Khan. If you love Star Trek and the character Khan and the idea of genetically enhanced human beings. I suggest you pick up a copy. Here is a brief...
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    A stack of books staircase!

    Journey to center of the Earth would be awesome to add to that! Very cool! Way to go! I would definitely do that!
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    Hello!! :D

    Oh yeah by the way, I read George Orwell's 1984 too, and it was very very good. If you like books like his I suggest you read Animal Farm too. It's amazing how he nailed communism and socialism too a tee. The novels were both well ahead of their time. Hope you are enjoying it here on the site!
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    Sci-Fi Battleship

    That toy is great! I actually have the game I bought years ago, I'm sure the price went up since then.